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In the capital compulsory universal vaccination from measlesIn connection with flash of incidence by measles the chief health officer of Moscow Nikolay Filatov has obliged all capital employers to organise vaccination from measles of the employees who have not reached 35 years, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

As epidemiological prevention Filatov has advised FMS to allow temporary stay or work, and also to give out residence permits to labour migrants only at presentation of references on inoculations or an extract from medical institution about already suffered measles.

The management Mosgorzdrava will be engaged in carrying out vaccination of children and the staff of medical institutions.

In the capital again there was the strain of the measles which has been almost won 5 years ago. Till 2010 of cases of measles in Moscow it has been fixed a little, and on the majority directly episodes of infection have occurred not in the capital region. But last year incidence has sharply grown with 16 to 138 cases which more than a half was made by episodes with infection in the city territory.

Since the beginning of January 75 diseased, 4 of everyone 5 - children to 2х is already fixed years.

The reason of outbreak of measles is refusal of vaccination.

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