It will be possible to define a sex of future child on 5-6 week of pregnancyToday authentically to define a sex of future child it is possible only for 23-25 weeks of pregnancy by means of ultrasonography. But the American scientists from Female medical hospital in Boston have declared that in the near future it becomes already possible on 5-6 week of pregnancy.

The new type of testing in which 6,5 thousand pregnant women have taken part, passes now a final stage of tests. Accuracy of definition with its help of a sex of the child makes 95 % on the 7th week and 99 % - on the 20th week.

The method essence, according to developers, is simple. As from 6th week of pregnancy in blood of the pregnant woman it is possible to find fruit DNA, according to the analysis of a ratio of chromosomes of the X-th and Y in this DNA, it is possible to define and its sex.

The early way of definition of a sex of future child will be especially useful to pairs to which owing to a serious genetic illness the birth of the child man's or female is undesirable.

Source: Reuters.

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