G. Onishchenko has expressed concern in quality of the Ukrainian cheeseAccording to the Russian public health service in the cheese delivered in the Russian Federation by a number of the Ukrainian producers, the raised content of palm-oil is observed.

The head of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights, the chief state health officer of the Russian Federation Gennady Onishchenko has declared that "the main problem is that by production of this type of production in the import country vegetative components, in particular, palm-oil" are uncontrolledly used.

The head of department has paid attention that the Russian consumers are not informed on the contents in the Ukrainian cheese of a large amount of palm-oil that is violation of the Russian law on protection of the rights of consumers.

Earlier, on January 8, 2012, Onishchenko already declared in interview to Interfax agency that the Russian public health service, possibly, will be compelled to go for import restriction from Ukraine agrarian production: «Judging by official public documents, in 2012 in Ukraine among people physicians, and veterinary service will be engaged in cholera prevention not. It means that since May we will rather seriously strengthen supervision on border with Ukraine».


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