Sad results of meeting of physicians in Top UfaleyAfter the meeting of the doctors which has taken place in Top Ufaley in Chelyabinsk region, to his participants the salary has been lowered, writes «Ural - a press inform».

On January 28 Top Ufaley's about 300 physicians left to a building of city administration with the complaint to low wages, the old equipment in medical institutions and deficiency of narrow experts. According to organizers of action, doctors get wages at the best twice smaller, than is declared by city authorities, and the hardware of hospitals and policlinics did not change years 20, and doctors are afraid to use it not to do much harm to the patient including because the fault will lay down on them. Doctors chanted «Is not present to health care» and «An administration shame».

Meeting has been authorised, but before its beginning his participants have received letters from the city hall with the requirement to refuse its carrying out and the prevention of possible detentions. Protest action has passed peacefully though the administration tried to prevent, having loudly included music in the next building of the Center of Arts.

After carrying out meeting the governor of Chelyabinsk region has sent the head of the compulsory health insurance regional fund Mikhail Verbitskogo in Top Ufaley's hospital in order that that has understood a situation. As a result of check Verbitsky has accused doctors of increase in number of the patients accepted by them in the interests. Besides, according to him, hospital has appeared too big (23 cases), and its staff "is inflated". By its calculations 10 people of the average and younger medical personnel fall on one doctor that in 2,5 times more than in other hospitals in Chelyabinsk region.

The Verbitsky has declared that at such staff it is impossible to get adequate wages - on all simply there will be no money. It is necessary to condense hospital, and the "superfluous" personnel to transfer to work in bodies of a social security.

Valery Chitalov, the employee of ambulance, and one of organizers of meeting, is indignant of the decision Verbitsky. According to him, the "superfluous" personnel in hospital is not present, and the imbalance between number of doctors and other physicians is caused by sharp deficiency of narrow experts what it was declared on meeting.

Meanwhile, having got wages for January, the physicians participating in meeting, have found, as so modest sums became even less. In Top Ufaley's children's policlinic to the personnel have cut off a salary on 400-1000 rubles. For example, the registrar receiving about 4611 rubles, began to receive 4211 that on 1800 rubles less living wage. The staff of ambulance has even more strongly suffered. The physicians working in city hospital, plan to address in prosecutor's office.

Photo of the user of tanooki from an informal forum of the city Top Ufaley

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