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Such different coughCough is only a symptom (though one of the most widespread) any illness, instead of a separate disease. Unfortunately, in an everyday life we face it much more often than it would be desirable. To understand, how to cure cough, it is necessary at first to learn to classify it, after all for each version - the therapeutic procedures.

Scientific reference. Cough represents the forced exhalation through a mouth caused by reductions of muscles Continue reading

Founder of biokefirIlya Ilyich Mechnikov was not doctor-clinical physician, but has made a huge contribution to history of domestic medicine. Having spent the last years of the life in France, Mechnikov never forgot about the origin. When to it handed over the Nobel Prize as to the Frenchman, he has told: «I did not change citizenship. I - from Russia!»

The researcher since the childhood

Ilya Mechnikov was born in 1845. The childhood of future scientist has Continue reading

The Evalar companies have again forbidden to advertise BADY as medicinesJSC Evalar has been punished by Federal antimonopoly service for advertising of bioadditives let out by them as medicines.
FAS has obliged to remove "Evalar" dishonest advertising BADOV «А/Д a minus» and «Insulin Forte Evalar» not to mislead patients which can harmful affect on their health. The actions the company breaks article 25, a part 1, point 1 of the law on the advertising, directly forbidding to represent to BADY as drugs. Evalar Continue reading

Modern preparations for therapy of chronic locksBoard member of the Russian Gastroenterologichesky Association and member of the A.A European gastroenterologichesky association. Sheptulin has told on a past on February 14 within All-Russia the Internet of the Congress of experts in internal diseases a symposium about new possibilities of medicinal therapy of chronic locks.

According to the report, at the present stage the pharmacological market deals with the following medicines:

First intellectual tabletAs the The Telegraph newspaper reports, by September, 2012 in Great Britain there will be on sale the first "clever" tablet which will prompt to patients as it is better to carry out appointments of the doctor and it is correct to take medicine.
The pill represents a microchip in the size no more grain of sand. The person swallows it together with other tablets then the tiny sensor is activated and starts to hand over information on a Continue reading

The mathematical model predicts side effects of new medical preparationsScientists from the Harward medical school in Boston have invented the mathematical model predicting side effects of preparations prior to the beginning of their reception, writes Science News. Results of work of Aurele Kami (Aurel Cami) and its team have been printed in the magazine «Scientific translated medicine» (Science Translational Medicine).

For program creation scientists have brought in a database of data on the preparations, published Continue reading

The doctor has gone on hunger strike, demanding a salary and travelThe doctor of the Novgorod policlinic has gone on hunger strike in connection with discontent with new reform of health care and actions of the management of policlinic and town council, reports «Great to Novgorod.Ra».

Vladimir Mayorov, the worker the doctor nearly 40 years, at present works as the district doctor of policlinic No. 1, and gets wages of 14 thousand rubles. In December of Majors a salary has not received, and in its January, as Continue reading

Putin has told about health care prospects for the closest yearsThe acting prime minister Vladimir Putin preparing for participation in presidential election of 2012, in the article published in "Komsomolskaya Pravda", has concerned the future of various branches, and including domestic health care. The corresponding part of article has been called «Preservation of the person».

According to Putin, the law passed in last year «About health care bases» has laid the foundation for modernisation of the Continue reading

temporarily do not take

Prevention among recruits: chilled in armyMilitary registration and enlistment offices of 29 subjects the federations which are a part of the Central military district, have received the order temporarily to stop an appeal of young people with infectious diseases, including ORVI, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

The press service of the Central military district explains the decision prevention of outbreak of infectious diseases among recruits.

Also military Continue reading


The action in support of the people having rare diseasesThe Ministry of Public Health and Social Development declared the beginning of carrying out the All-Russia charitable action in support of the people having rare diseases which will last till February 29. This day is declared around the world in the afternoon of rare diseases. On February 29 Minister of health and social development T.A.Golikova will carry out an interregional videoconference with participation of representatives of public Continue reading