Brain the scienceThe group of neurologists has established: if the person does not feel any part of a body as the, the immune system in a special way reacts to it, perceiving this part as alien, writes Medical Express.

This opening throws light on autoimmune diseases at which immunity attacks a human body, schizophrenia, a stroke, autism, epilepsy, anorexia and bulimia. So, during two experiments professor Lorimer Mousli from the Australian research neurologic institute and University of South Australia entered a histamine developed at an allergy, into hands to healthy volunteers. Optical illusion was thus used, and people had an impression as if their hand have replaced rubber.

Scientists have estimated volume of allergic reaction on a hand, "replaced rubber", with reaction on other hand and with the reaction received during check experiment. When optical illusion was applied, more extensive reaction to a histamine on a hand which in representation of volunteers replaced rubber was noted.

Illusion also provoked some decrease in inflow a shelter and temperature in real, but allegedly replaced hand. It turns out, in many respects the immune system is supervised by a brain.

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