Three domestic vaccines against HIV pass clinical testsThe vaccine from the HIV, created by Novosibirsk GNTs "Vector", has passed the first stage of clinical tests, reports Interfax.

Head of GNTs of virology and biotechnology "Vector" Alexander Sergeyev has told that tests have passed successfully, patients well transfer a preparation, but the decision on continuation of testing of a preparation remains behind Scientific centre of examination of means of medical application.

According to Sergeyev, basic difference of a domestic vaccine from analogues developed abroad, in its influence both on humoral, and on cellular immunity.

The vaccine "Kombivichvak" created in Novosibirsk, is one of three, developed in Russia on a grant in 1 billion rubles which has been given out by the government in 2007. The first phase of clinical tests of the preparation "DNK-4" prepared by scientific research institute of especially pure preparations together with the State University of St. Petersburg, and the second phase - the preparation "VICHREPOL" which has been let out by Institute of immunology of FMBA of Russia proceeds.

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