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The Ministry of Public Health and Social Development has decided on paid treatmentThe Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia has prepared the draught document which Rules of granting to patients are defined by the medical organisations of paid medical services.

According to the law «About bases of health protection of citizens», the state guarantees that free there is a primary medicosanitary help, including, specialised. Hospitalisation on doctor's orders, the ambulance, hi-tech treatment are included also Continue reading

The chief health officer urges not to go on meetingsThe chief health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko has again warned citizens against visit of meetings in connection with health hazard, reports Interfax.

Onishchenko warns that on the future Saturday the forecast promises-18 degrees, and is impractical putting-on inhabitants of the capital risk seriously to freeze. The head of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights considers that Muscovites have got used to put on with calculation Continue reading

The thought has passed the law on lifelong terms and castration of pedophilesIn the third reading the State Duma has passed the law on castration of pedophiles, writes RIA Novosti news agency.

The persons convicted of pedophilia (this term is entered for the first time into domestic criminal law) concerning children and the teenagers who have not reached 14 years, castrations by chemical methods will be exposed.

Conditionally early release will be already possible only after serving of the four fifth term, instead of Continue reading

Vladimir Putin plans to forbid smoking in public placesOn January 12 in the Network the "Program 2012-2018" being the project of an election program of the candidate for president of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin has been published. «We will put a reliable barrier of drug addiction. Let's toughen responsibility for sale of alcoholic and tobacco production to the minors. Let's impose a ban on smoking, advertising of cigarettes and alcohol in public places», - it is told in the document.
The Continue reading

Such different coughCough is only a symptom (though one of the most widespread) any illness, instead of a separate disease. Unfortunately, in an everyday life we face it much more often than it would be desirable. To understand, how to cure cough, it is necessary at first to learn to classify it, after all for each version - the therapeutic procedures.

Scientific reference. Cough represents the forced exhalation through a mouth caused by reductions of muscles Continue reading

Founder of biokefirIlya Ilyich Mechnikov was not doctor-clinical physician, but has made a huge contribution to history of domestic medicine. Having spent the last years of the life in France, Mechnikov never forgot about the origin. When to it handed over the Nobel Prize as to the Frenchman, he has told: «I did not change citizenship. I - from Russia!»

The researcher since the childhood

Ilya Mechnikov was born in 1845. The childhood of future scientist has Continue reading

Vaccination from Article hepatitis BHistory

The first attempts to create a vaccine against hepatitis B have been made after one supervision made by Krugman with co-authors in 1971 Has been revealed that blood of chronic carriers, heated-up within 1 minute to 100 degrees protects from an infection. By such principle in 1982 in France (Gevak In) and the USA have been created the first plasma vaccines which prepared from blood (plasma) of chronic carriers of virus hepatitis of Century. Continue reading

First intellectual tabletAs the The Telegraph newspaper reports, by September, 2012 in Great Britain there will be on sale the first "clever" tablet which will prompt to patients as it is better to carry out appointments of the doctor and it is correct to take medicine.
The pill represents a microchip in the size no more grain of sand. The person swallows it together with other tablets then the tiny sensor is activated and starts to hand over information on a Continue reading

The mathematical model predicts side effects of new medical preparationsScientists from the Harward medical school in Boston have invented the mathematical model predicting side effects of preparations prior to the beginning of their reception, writes Science News. Results of work of Aurele Kami (Aurel Cami) and its team have been printed in the magazine «Scientific translated medicine» (Science Translational Medicine).

For program creation scientists have brought in a database of data on the preparations, published Continue reading

Three domestic vaccines against HIV pass clinical testsThe vaccine from the HIV, created by Novosibirsk GNTs "Vector", has passed the first stage of clinical tests, reports Interfax.

Head of GNTs of virology and biotechnology "Vector" Alexander Sergeyev has told that tests have passed successfully, patients well transfer a preparation, but the decision on continuation of testing of a preparation remains behind Scientific centre of examination of means of medical application.

According Continue reading