Feodor Grigoryevich Uglov: doctor long-liverIn 2004 a name of the professor of the Petersburg university of I. P. Pavlov, doctors of the medical sciences, the full member of the Russian academy of medical sciences, have brought Feodor Grigoryevich Uglov in the Guinness Book of Records, as practising surgeon oldest in the world. He was 100 years old! For years of work it has carried out more than 6,5 thousand operations, has written 8 monographs and 600 scientific articles on surgical treatment of diseases of an internal and was the ardent propagandist of sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.

«I will become a doctor and I will cure all people!»

He was born on October 5, 1904 when in Russia there was a cruel Russian-Japanese war. Being the child, saw many cripples which have come back from that war to whom was to nobody any business. And then it has sworn itself(himself): «I will become a doctor and I will cure all people!»

But the way to medicine for the boy from a simple family was difficult. The father - the mechanic by the steamship, worked for 14 hours per day in inhuman conditions. Mother - the simple illiterate peasant, all giving to children and the house. They lived very modestly. Every summer the father has seen off by the steamship, and in the winter when the Lena River held down ice, children (except their Fedya in a family was five) together with mother went to that place where the steamship wintered.

In 1923 Feodor Uglov has finished teacher's seminary. By this moment he already dreamt to leave to study to Irkutsk as the doctor. The young man has actually repeated a feat of Lomonosov: 3 weeks reached the city both on horses, and by the steamship, and by the boat, and even on foot. To institute it have admitted. But from constant malnutrition of Corners has seriously fallen ill with typhus and has been compelled to be transferred to Saratov where has received profession of the surgeon. Then 2 years worked at a site, comprehending elements of a profession of the doctor. Later he will remember the first patients so: «Diseases were the most various, and I felt in situation drowning, thrown into a deep whirlpool. Having carefully asked the patient, I asked it to leave and wait behind a door, itself started to thumb through feverishly the textbooks brought with and directories».

After work in the far Siberian small town to Kirenska Uglov has returned to Leningrad where to it has had the luck to work in clinic of the well-known professor Petrov. Somehow after operation his instructor, surgeon Maria Ivanovna Torkacheva Uglova has severely chided:

- You have not hands, and hooks! You and the yard keeper with such hands cannot work, not that that the surgeon. Yet will not develop them, I in the operational will not start up you.

From this day for Uglov long months of wearisome trainings have reached. It darned stockings and socks by means of a surgical needle and an igloderzhatel, thus placed them in a box of a table and worked literally blindly to learn to operate in difficult conditions and it is easy to fasten knots. And so - ten years. The result of its work has surpassed all expectations. When in the early seventies the well-known American surgeon Inlays (that which in 1996 has operated B. Yeltsin's heart) has arrived to Moscow that the eyes to see how Corners performs heart operations, he has declared: "Professor Uglov - your national property. It has set surgery as is high, as you have set space conquest".

«For the person of 100 years - not a limit»

Throughout all life of Corners defended this hypothesis. "Everything depends on the person, his intelligence, ability to keep the vital forces, without having spent them for nothing for excesses and dissolute life", - he spoke. And on own example has proved that it was right, when has celebrated 100-year anniversary. That day all over the country on the TV broadcast, as thin and easy in movements of Corners, passes medical examination in policlinic in a residence.

Repeatedly journalists from the different countries of the world asked to professor Uglov a question: in what a secret of his longevity? And in reply heard the invariable: «I have laid down to myself the aim and all life to it aspired, it and has helped me. I and now constantly work, I go to bed at half past eleven p.m., I rise at half past seven. In the afternoon never I sleep. From a dining table at once I pass to the worker. And, certainly, I lead a healthy lifestyle. I do not drink and do not smoke. I have a shower bath cold water directly on snow if I live in the country in Komarovo».

For all who wants to live till 100 years, Corners has written original "Instruction":

  • Love the homeland. Also protect it. Of humble origin long do not live.
  • Love work. And physical too.
  • Be able to be self-controlled. Do not lose courage under no circumstances.
  • Never drink and do not smoke, all other recommendations differently will be useless.
  • Love the family. Be able to be responsible it.
  • Keep the normal weight that it costed to you. Do not overeat!
  • Be careful on the road. Today this one of the most life-threatening places.
  • Be not afraid to go in time to the doctor.
  • Relieve the children of music ruining health.
  • The mode of work and rest is put in the basis of work of the body. Love the body, spare it.
  • Individual immortality is unattainable, but duration of your life in many respects depends on you.
  • Be good. Angrily, unfortunately, itself it will turn out.

Even having ceased to operate, in recent years the life of Corners continued to advise patients, and worked over the new book. He has died on the 104th year of life from heart attack on June 22, 2008. It is buried on Nikolsky Alexander Nevsky Lavra cemetery in St. Petersburg.

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