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Grigory Antonovich ZakharyinGrigory Antonovich Zakharyin was born on February 8, 1829 in the Saratov province, in a noble family. His father, the retired captain, occurred from an ancient mean dynasty Zakharyinykh. Mother, nee Geyman, had impurity of the Jewish blood. One of Geymanov was the professor of chemistry of the Moscow university.

In 1847 Zakharyin upon termination of the Saratov gymnasium becomes the student of medical faculty of Imperial Moscow university who Continue reading

Feodor Grigoryevich Uglov: doctor long-liverIn 2004 a name of the professor of the Petersburg university of I. P. Pavlov, doctors of the medical sciences, the full member of the Russian academy of medical sciences, have brought Feodor Grigoryevich Uglov in the Guinness Book of Records, as practising surgeon oldest in the world. He was 100 years old! For years of work it has carried out more than 6,5 thousand operations, has written 8 monographs and 600 scientific articles on surgical treatment Continue reading

Neil Fedorovich FilatovNeil Fedorovich Filatov - was born on April 4, 1847 in the village of Mikhailovka of the Saransk district of the Penza province. His father, Feodor Mikhaylovich, the hereditary nobleman, - the typical landowner of average prosperity. Mother, A.A.Shakhovtsova - the woman strict, with the strong character, grown up seven sons was the head of the family: Mikhail who subsequently has become the engineer, Abram - the accoucheur-gynecologist, Nile - the Continue reading