Illumina absorption by the Roche company – a large deal of yearThe pharmaceutical giant of Roche, Switzerland, absorbs the American medical company Illumina. The transaction promises to be the largest from the beginning of year.

Roche has offered Illumina 44,5 dollars for each action, reports The Financial Times. The sum more than in 2 times has exceeded their actual cost. Thus, purchase of the American company will manage Roche of 5,7 billion dollars. Since intention of the Swiss corporation concerning Illumina has officially been sounded, actions of the last have risen in price for 40 %.

At the end of last year Roche suggested the management of Illumina to buy the company at the price of 40 dollars for an action, but the offer has been rejected. Then head of Roche Franz Humer (Franz Humer) has notified the head of Illumina Jay Fletli (Jay Flatley) on the intention to begin unfriendly absorption in connection with failure in negotiations.

The last serious transaction has been carried out by Roche 3 years ago, writes Forbes. In 2009 of Roche has bought the Genentech company more than for 45 billion dollars. Acquisition has helped to expand essentially volume of let-out preparations and scale of new development.

Roche is the producer not only medicines and vitamins, but also and diagnostic equipment. In recent years the holding places emphasis and on development of new drugs. The company is in the lead in the field of release of preparations for fight against a cancer.

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