Experts doubt efficiency of an anti-influenzal preparation TamiflyaGroup of scientists under the direction of Peter Dosha from Jones Hopkins's American University have addressed from British Medical Journal magazine pages to the government and scientific community with the requirement that the Swiss company Roche has provided proofs of efficiency of an antiinfluenzal preparation "Tamiflya" (осельтамивир).

Today inhibitor of virus enzyme of a neuraminidase осельтамивир together with the analogue - zanamiviry ("Relenza") is recognised as the most effective medicine against flu. It is proved that it reduces heavy symptoms of a disease and does frequency of hospitalisation less for 60 %.

At the same time, members of the international Kokhranovsky cooperation protecting principles of demonstrative medicine, have requested full information on 10 carried-out clinical researches of medicine standard reports about which consist of four-five modules from manufacturing firm.

But the Roche company has shown only the first modules on each of researches "Tamiflya". Thus in them discrepancies between the reports which have been earlier presented by pharmaceutical company to supervising authorities, and publications on a preparation in scientific editions have been found. So, in one of publications it is told about absence at осельтамивира serious side effects, and in the report three of them are listed.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

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