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Ministry of Health has broken the law on protection of the competitionThe antimonopoly committee has accused Ministry of Health of preventing to import of medicines by domestic pharmaceutical company.

In the press release of Federal antimonopoly service it is specified that JSC Biokad in the course of import дженериков (analogues) of drugs иматиниб and анастрозол (are used at cancer diseases) that have not yet passed registration process, have met unexpected difficulties. The Ministry of Public Health and Social Continue reading

Illumina absorption by the Roche company – a large deal of yearThe pharmaceutical giant of Roche, Switzerland, absorbs the American medical company Illumina. The transaction promises to be the largest from the beginning of year.

Roche has offered Illumina 44,5 dollars for each action, reports The Financial Times. The sum more than in 2 times has exceeded their actual cost. Thus, purchase of the American company will manage Roche of 5,7 billion dollars. Since intention of the Swiss corporation concerning Illumina Continue reading

The first preparation for etiotropny therapy муковисцидозаThe first medicine for etiotropny therapy муковисцидоза has met with FDA approval (management on supervision of food and medicinal substances) in the USA and will appear on sale soon, reports Associated Press.

Mukovistsidoz - the serious genetic illness, being shown the increased viscosity of the slime collecting in digestive, respiratory, urinogenital systems, and provoking emergence of a serious bacterial illness. Sick mukovistsidozy children Continue reading

Experts doubt efficiency of an anti-influenzal preparation TamiflyaGroup of scientists under the direction of Peter Dosha from Jones Hopkins's American University have addressed from British Medical Journal magazine pages to the government and scientific community with the requirement that the Swiss company Roche has provided proofs of efficiency of an antiinfluenzal preparation "Tamiflya" (осельтамивир).

Today inhibitor of virus enzyme of a neuraminidase осельтамивир together with the analogue - zanamiviry Continue reading