The quince prolongs youthIf to chew a quince fruit, in a mouth pleasant aroma of this fruit which better than any cud will relieve of an unpleasant smell from a mouth for a long time will remain. But it - is far not the unique curative property of a quince. Not without reason in the Caucasus it call «molodilny apple».

Source of vitamins

If you have an allergy to a citrus, it is a high time to pay the attention to a quince. Even small frosts to a quince are not terrible - from them it only becomes more tasty. Pectins, in a large number containing in quince fruits, connect radioactive substances and heavy metals and deduce them from an organism, help to cope with radiation consequences. And by amount of vitamins it will easily replace oranges and lemons.

The quince ordinary (or oblong) belongs to family of the rozotsvetny. This tree or a high bush is more often. Fruits - large, citreous, a wrong and spherical form with a spicy smell, ripen in September-November. Its homeland - a northern part of Persia. At us grows in Azerbaijan, in the Caucasus, in the Crimea and in Moldova. Fruits contain many tannins, pectins, acids, fructose and vitamin C. And in seeds - about 20 % of the slime which is easily inflating in water, starch and fat oil.

Application in traditional medicine

At colitis. Medicine from slime of seeds of a quince will help, it operates as enveloping, emollient and an anaesthetic. Prepare it so: the whole seeds of a quince (10 g) заливают1 lkholodny water, insist 10 hours. The received mucous weight is appointed inside on 0,5-1 glass by 3-4 times a day.

At diabetes. 1-2 tablespoons of the crushed leaves and branches of a quince fill in with 1 glass of water, boil on slow fire of 15 minutes, insist before cooling and filter. Accept on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day

For immunity strengthening. Especially during the winter and spring period tincture from айвы:50 gsvezhy fruits of a quince залить50 gvodka is useful. To close in a cool place for a week. To accept on 15 drops 3 times a day.

At cough and ангинах. Make ayvovy tea. The fruit of a quince for this purpose cut on small slices fill in with boiled water (200 гна 1 fruit of the average size), close a saucer and let's be drawn 30 minutes. Drink or rinse a throat on 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

At diarrhoeia. Broth from quince roots (1 tablespoons of the crushed roots на0,5 лводы to finish to boiling and to weary on small fire of 5-7 minutes) is shown, to drink on 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day after food. With the same success it is possible to eat 2-3 fresh fruits of a quince: at first carefully to wash out, to remove all down from a peel, let's eat to the patient in stages.

At a hypertension. The best means - spirit tincture from quince leaves: to draw fresh or dried leaves of a quince on alcohol (100 глистьев на20 гспирта) to accept 2 times a day till 20-30 a thaw.

At wounds and burns. Compresses with ayvovy broth: 1столовая a spoon of the crushed leaves of a quince on 1 glass of water to boil on slow fire of 15 minutes, to insist before cooling, to filter and put the tampons moistened in broth, to the damaged places for 10-15 minutes 2 times a day.

For care of skin. At youthful age at eels it is necessary to mornings and evenings to wipe the person water infusion of seeds of a quince (5 гсемян залить0,5 lkholodny boiled water, to insist days, then to store in the refrigerator). And at mature age it is enough to take for a rule daily to wipe the person and a neck a segment of a fresh quince that to skin smoothness and elasticity again has returned.

Recipes of a healthy food

But there is more to come. The quince - a remarkable dietary product also can be not only original, but also a useful garnish to meat. It by all means should be present at the daily menu of everything who prefers a healthy food. Except for the people inclined to locks (because of the contents in a quince of a large amount of tannins) and children till 12 years (because of the big contents in fruits of rough cellulose).

Meat with a quince

It is required: 400г fast meat, 2 quinces, 1 bulb, 2 segments of garlic, salt, pepper, greens - to taste.
Cut meat small slices, fry it before formation of a crust. Shift in a pan, fill in with water so that it has covered meat and extinguish within an hour. Then in a pan put cleared of skin and a core the quince cut on segments, the fried onions, garlic, salt, ground black pepper and extinguish to readiness. When giving on a table strew with the crushed greens.

Vegetable salad with a quince

It is required: 30 g of sheet salad, 1 cucumber, 1 quince, 1 tomato, 1 root of the celery, 2nd carrots, 1 glass of low-fat yoghurt, 2 tablespoons of ayvovy juice.
Slice fresh cucumbers, a quince, tomatoes. A celery for salad cut with straws. Carrots for salad rub on a grater. All components for salad mix. Add in salad yoghurt and again mix. To taste it is possible to add sugar and ayvovy juice in yoghurt.

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