The most tall person of RussiaOn January 5, 2012 in St. Petersburg on the 53rd year of life Alexander Sizonenko, in the past the Soviet basketball player and the title holder of the most tall person in Russia has died. Its growth, according to different data, made from 2м. 37см. to 2м. 45см. In 1990 Alexander has received a rank of the most tall person in the world. Besides all this, in its collection there is a title of the highest basketball player in the history of basketball.
The athlete more similar to the alien giant, at all was not the superstar, it at all did not involve in games for USSR national team. In the 80th years of the last century Sizonenko was considered centre Kuibyshev "Builder", and before played for Petersburg "Spartak". He had to leave team because of the become frequent medical checks for which the athlete was extremely vulnerable. Already then its health was not ideal, and many guessed existence at the player of so-called "giantism" (at that time Alexander's growth made 2 metres 20 see). During one of Sizonenko's games has broken an anklebone, has endured the hormonal failure caused by loadings, and has been compelled to leave sports. However and such successes for the person, who in the childhood had to endure cranial trepanation twice (a hypophysis 2 operations), stand high. In the interview Alexander told:« Doctors have told to parents that I will stretch as early as years 20. And I all live - without thanking, and contrary to! After such operations usually give the II group of disability. And to me have not given because of any bureaucratic The most tall person of Russiadisagreement […] I Remember, when my career already was in blossoming, I have met those doctors who did in due time me a hypophysis operation in Kiev. So they, having learnt that I seriously play basketball, slightly from mind have not descended. Cannot be, speak. After all physical activities in general are contraindicated to you. But I all the same played. Suffered both pain, and blows of rivals».
Alexander Sizonenko's parametres impress: a breast grasp - 1 metre of 45 centimetres, width of a palm - 13 centimetres, width of shoulders - 66 centimetres, a grasp of a middle finger of a hand - 10,5 centimetres (at its length - 13 centimetres). The giant wore boots of the 56th, a suit of the 66th, and a cap of the 65th size (and all this was made to order as these sizes exist only theoretically).
After withdrawal from sports as a result of a trauma and receiving 2 degrees of disability of Sizonenko remained with anything. Together with the wife and the small son he long time wandered on demountable flats of the cheapest, semibasement, sectors. One case is remarkable: Alexander was invited by Gunter von Hagens, the founder of a sensational anatomic exhibition. The foreign trip has scarred soul of the most tall person, after all to it have suggested to become an exhibit of this museum. Хагенс has accompanied then Sizonenko in the institute and has shown process of «art processing» the corpses, all its stages (and as from vessels expel blood and as dry skin). On termination of excursion the excentric master has asked, whether is at the basketball player of a wish concerning a pose and other characteristics of an exhibit which it should become. By the itself, similar address has caused strong indignation in our compatriot, but to it have suggested to sign the contract on which conditions to bequeath a body for an exhibition it should not simply so, and for lifelong pension in 140 dollars. On it our hero also has disagreed and has gone back to Russia. After a while Gunter has called again a giant and has changed a rate: 200 dollars monthly and for life for Alexander, and also on 100 dollars to the wife and the son. «I an effigy at you there will not stand!», - the champion has firmly declared in reply.
The last years Alexander Sizonenko was the disabled pensioner, the home-worker. The wife and the son left it in 1999 and visited only on days off. The former athlete took hard that fact that all have forgotten it, there was no communication even with former team mate. There lived the most tall person of Russia on a disability pension, wore castoffs of 20-year prescription as to do to order new it became too expensive. Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records refused to bring it in registers of giants as did not believe in existence of the Russian giant. The former basketball player had osteoporosis - a disease connected with an istoncheniye of a bone fabric. He experienced difficulties with movement, often fell, leaving an entrance. At the end of June, 2011 Sizonenko was injured, then could not move independently more. Till last days he was looked after by the nurse. On funeral of the basketball player money collected worldwide. As a result it was possible to help out only 50 thousand rubles. The champion on the Northern cemetery of St. Petersburg is buried on January 9, to say goodbye to it more than 100 people have come.

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