Syndrome of a New Year treeAccording to datas of statistics around the world 20-40 % of the population are subject to allergic reactions. In Russia life of every sixth inhabitant is saddened by this disease. Every year the number of patients with an allergy increases. The allergy on coniferous in forests arises rather seldom, nevertheless, emergence with the house of a live New Year tree can lead to a number of the problems connected with health. Specialists of Medical University of Apsteyt (Upstate Medical University) have shown that the peak of respiratory diseases falls on the period including week till Catholic Christmas.

As has shown the research organised by the American College of the Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, in the closed space the substances allocated by a fir-tree, can be extremely dangerous to allergic persons.

Within the first three days after a fir-tree room indoors, it extends the 800th dispute of the soil to square metre that closely comes nearer to maximum permissible values. In four days quantity dispute reaches to 5000. Such concentration extremely negatively influences a condition of the people predisposed to development of an allergy and bronchial asthma.

Even for the people not subject to allergic reactions, such volume the dispute which has accumulated in a room, also can pose a certain threat, because of creation of additional load of a mucous membrane of respiratory ways that has special value for smokers.

The maximum permissible norm of finding of a coniferous tree indoors, according to results of the carried-out research, should not exceed four days. However even these terms not always are a guarantee of lack of problems.

It is necessary to remember that chemicals with which often sellers and producers spray trees, for destruction of the wreckers living in a trunk, branches and needles, and also giving to a trade dress tree, can cause heavy allergic reactions. Thus term of finding of the processed fir-tree in value has no.

Besides allocated dispute, in development of a so-called syndrome of a New Year tree (Christmas Tree Syndrome) plays a mould which often nests on trees.

In December, 2011 in the magazine Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology results of the research which has been carried out under the direction of dock-ra of Lawrence Kurlyandski (Lawrence Kurlandsky) are published.

Scientists have analysed samples from 28 fir-trees, including a bark and needles, having revealed mould existence in 53 samples of a material. Disputes of a mould get to room air, and then in respiratory bodies, causing an itch, dacryagogue, cough, short wind, a breast pain, fatigue, sleeplessness. Some types of a mould can cause an exacerbation of a chronic obstructive illness of lungs, pneumonia. Room temperature leads to acceleration of growth of a mould.

For reduction of probability of contact to a mould, Lawrence Kurlyandski suggests «to wash up and dry up a tree before bringing his house. Right after holidays the fir-tree is necessary for taking out from the house to reduce probability of development of undesirable reactions. Well and it will be best of all to buy a safe artificial fir-tree».

However, artificial fir-trees also cause complaints of experts: fungi of a mould and a dust can be not only on natural, but also on plastic surfaces. Besides, a considerable part of artificial trees are made in China where toxic materials are applied to their manufacturing.

Negative impact on an organism can render and coniferous sprays with which «for a smell» sometimes irrigate artificial trees in flats.

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