Ridiculous inventions for mans healthIt is known that not all inventions of justify. Many of them are useless, some are ridiculous, and other inventions of men of science are at all dangerous. Let's talk about adaptations which have been created for man's convenience and health, but, actually, threaten the daredevil, ventured them to test, a real crash.
The heating device for a prostate gland unconditionally wins first place in charts of the most ridiculous units. Surprisingly, but there was it in 1918. The idea is simple: almost 3-metre cord, a 10-centimetric probe and some light-emitting diodes of blue colour which light up when the car is switched on. We think, it is not necessary to explain, how everything occurs? Despite uselessness (and even harm) for a prostate, a priborchik to this day it is possible to find procedures on counters of shops. Now it treats not only heat, but also vibrating massage. Producers argue: during a session the patient has pleasant heat and a feeling of comfort, and during treatment the sedative effect is noted, tension is replaced by the rest which is not abandoning the patient within days after procedure. However to us nevertheless it is not clear how to explain to the person who has casually found out in you a 10-centimetric probe that it only the heating device for a prostate, a certain symbiosis of a thermometer and a hot-water bottle, and at all of what all have thought.
Portable latrine for motorists. Unplanned stops and searches of toilets on fillings - a huge stress for a man's organism. Scientists suited everything so that now it is possible to solve this problem, without rising from a place, that is, without leaving the car. Smyvna the tank over the head of the driver only gives to the extravagance invention. Other option: a portable toilet bowl from the Kaneko Sangyo company. It is simple as all ingenious and represents the plastic tank of a special design in which there is the replaceable layer absorbing moisture preventing spill of liquids and distribution of smells. The device is easily mounted on a back seat of the car to similarly children's chairs, and in folded form is located in a small cover carrying. By the way, today for only 800-900 rubles you too can get a portable toilet for the car (Unfortunately, without a smyvny tank and a toilet bowl). It is a package in which instantly turn into gel to 0,8 litres of urine. But most important: it is possible to use the tank some time, before complete filling. It is important that 3 sterile hygienic napkins enter into a set of delivery. And for the house it is possible to buy the black robo-toilet tracing your movements by means of infra-red beams. Only come into a bathroom, and he will open for you the cover and will lower a seat. As soon as you will leave «a dangerous zone», the cover will automatically be closed.
Emergency wings and spheres for motorcyclists. In 1997 in the USA the patent for the invention «Emergency wing» has been granted. On a plan of the author, wings grow behind the back of the had an accident motorcyclist when that takes off from a saddle. The parachute glider is called, having filled with a wind, to carry away the victim away from an accident place. For those who does not like to depart from the place of accident, there is a safety cushion option for a motorcycle. The biker puts on itself a suit mattress and fastens a seat belt. Now it is possible to go! During the critical moment the stretched belt pulls out emergency to the check, and the cylinder with the compressed air instantly turns a suit into similarity of a balloon. Even if from a motorcycle there is a scrap metal heap, his owner quietly "jumps" in the sphere further, whole and safe.
Szhigatel of fat of doctor Laughton. The round leaf of soft rubber with the metal handle at the beginning of the 20th years of the last century was considered as the huge eraser, capable to erase fat with the approximated man's tummies. It was necessary to be pounded several times a day. Procedure also had other useful properties, for example, improved blood circulation.
The Acu-Dot device for football players, golfers and other athletes. In 1979 the American scientists have offered to use a magnetic network to which should wind the top and bottom extremities. Experts promised that it will provide a temporary relief of casual insignificant pains and pains in muscles and joints. How? Elementary! Magnets draw the iron containing in blood therefore the last starts to circulate quicker and is sated with oxygen. However iron in blood is not metal (it has the mineral nature) therefore to magnets does not stick, therefore, any anaesthetising effect from hanged on hands and feet of magnets it is not necessary to wait.
Osvezhitel of gases. Scientists have decided that the delicate problem of a gazoobrazovaniye also delivers to men many efforts, forcing to be confused, feel discomfort and a stress. They have invented a small small pillow which fastens to underwear and absorbs smells. According to some information, the ridiculous adaptation has collected many positive responses.
Guards of nervous system of the motorist. Some absurd inventions are aimed at creation of the favourable psychological atmosphere for рулём. First of all, scientists have thought, any driver is disturbed by pedestrians. In this regard the device of recognition of collision with the person has been created. Its sensors settle down on a bumper, a cowl and a car roof. Probably, if the device was able also to prevent collision, at all would not have the price. However and experts have thought of it. In 1910 in America have invented a horn with a smell to help people who do not hear a usual automobile signal. Such "deaf" person crosses the street on red light or in not put place, and here the driver presses a special horn, letting out in a face to the unfortunate passerby a pillar of a pungent smell. Unfortunately, with the device something was not taken, and it instead of a stench "sprinkled" in faces of people with a powerful stream of the compressed air. It is pitiable has ended in 1954 and practice of introduction of road signs for the blind. They should be distinguished to the touch, and in the first day the powerful group of volunteers has become a cripple on the road.
Skateboard off-road vehicle. For the young people who are fond of sports, Scarpar - an original skateboard off-road vehicle on special guchenitsa has been developed. It can pass on any surface, gathering speed to 60 km/h thanks to the engine in 8 horsepowers. Fans of an extreme can test also the JetLev-Flyer device. It is the aircraft which is actuated by two strong streams of water. It consists of a thick sleeve (hose) which is thrown in a reservoir, places for the athlete and two jet pipes through which with force arriving water jumps out. The device allows the owner to rise by height to 9 metres and to fly over water 1-2 hours.
So, not all newly invented devices can be trusted. We have listed only the most harmless, having held back the person who has suggested to fight against handles of points rubbing ears by removal of ears and implantation on their place of 2 magnets. Handles too were replaced with magnets, and «voila!» - points strong keep, and ears do not hurt any more. There were also experts who have invented a headdress reminding a helmet of the dispatcher for children. The PediSedate device has been urged to calm too active kids by introduction of anaesthesia by it, that is amusing gas through a special font. So be careful with advertised "novelties" and do not forget to consult on competent physicians before their use.

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