Principles of a separate foodStill Hippocrates (yes, that Hippocrates, whose oath doctors give, swearing on fidelity to medicine!) has noticed that the person is born healthy, and all diseases to it come through a mouth with food. A so-called separate food to which show business stars (F.Kirkorov, A.Pugachev, L.Dolina even more often resort, etc.) is not only that it is impossible to eat meat together with a potato...

Theory of doctor Shelton

In 1928 doctor Herbert Shelton has published the book "Correct combination of foodstuff", quickly won popularity around the world. All food, from the point of view of a separate food, share on 3 groups: proteins, carbohydrates and live products (i.e. those products which have not passed thermal processing). On Shelton's theories, proteins carbohydrates - alkaline are split in ZhKT by reactants of acid structure, and live products can digest themselves. An essence in to loading" into an organism at the same time the products incompatible with each other by a principle of assimilation.

The menu at a separate diet

Optimum term for a separate diet, according to dieticians, 20 days. During this time it is possible to grow thin from 6 to 9 kg. The first two days is only kefir that the stomach has got used and has decreased in volume. Then it is necessary to alternate: 2 days - strictly albuminous food and 2 days - strictly vegetative. For example, for albuminous days low-fat dairy products, meat, eggs, fish etc. will approach. For vegetative days - cereals, vegetables, fruit. Thus - a minimum of carbohydrates (bread only rye, and no more than two pieces in day). And it is obligatory to exclude butter, mayonnaise, chocolate, a batch, the sweet aerated drinks. If strictly to adhere to these rules, it is possible not to limit quantity of food. I.e., in "hungry" days can drink kefir so much, how many want etc.

The approximate diet for this time looks so:

  • Two kefiric days: 1 % kefir or fat-free yoghurts.
  • Two albuminous days: for a breakfast - 1 glass of kefir, for a dinner - a low-fat meat broth with a slice of the bread dried in an oven, for a mid-morning snack - 1 glass of kefir, for a dinner - 200гр boiled fast meat or 2 boiled eggs or 200гр cottage cheese or sheep cheese.
  • Two vegetative days: for a breakfast - 1стакан freshly squeezed fruit juice or 2 apples (orange), for a dinner - meatless vegetable soup with a slice of a rye cracker, for a mid-morning snack - 1 glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice or 2 apples (orange), for a dinner - a portion of any vegetable salad filled with any vegetable oil.

N. Semenova's scheme

Being based on Shelton's theory, our compatriot Nadejda Semenova, the process engineer of the food industry, has offered the scheme «Separate and adequate food». In 1986 "Semenova's System" became the winner of All-Union competition in ecology of the person, and N. Semenova has got secondary medical education and specialisation in the international association "Ayurveda".
In what its main difference from Shelton's system? Semenova has essentially excluded from it dairy products, as badly acquired by an adult organism in any combinations, and the meat broths demanding in 30 times more than expenses for digestion, than meat.

Scheme of a separate and adequate food

I group

II group

III group

proteins (H +)

Vegetative and live products

Carbohydrates (OH-)




the bean

nuts (live) sunflower seeds (live)



dried fruits

vegetables (except potatoes)


juice (fresh)


flour products

sugar (tea, jam, candies)





According to the provided scheme, products from group I and III are incompatible among themselves, almost life-threatening. And products from groups I and II or of groups II and III are compatible among themselves. Adhering to this scheme, it is possible to create an optimum operating mode of a gastroenteric path. Here only the break between the use of albuminous and carbohydrate food should make at least 2 h. Only at such order of a food the stomach manages to carry out food processing to a homogeneous chemical composition and to evacuate it in a 12-perstny gut, without leaving any «deadly stocks».

The melon, according to N. Semenova, is the unique fruit which is incompatible with anything. It is a product hospital attendant clearing a gastroenteric path. Before its use it is impossible anything there are 2 h. and after its use - too 2 h. And it is even better to arrange 1-2 times a month «melon days», i.e. there is nothing, except a melon, but in its number of not to limit.

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