are most easier to poison

10 products with whichSo, New Year's holidays everything are closer, because of what we are not tired to warn with unprecedented diligence you how to make festive dishes healthy and to avoid various traumas during a feast. For those who nevertheless does not want to refuse traditional wide festivities and a plentiful food on New Year's Eve, we have prepared the list of products with which it is most easier to poison. With them it is necessary to be especially careful and to hold an ear, the stomach, востро is more exact.

Sausage. To tell the truth, it is dangerous not only it, but also salty pork, fat, ham and, for example, canned meat as all these products, becoming unusable, often keep a fresh look and have no bad smell. It is known that natural meat in sausage even more often replace with cocktail from a soya, starch, a connecting fabric, fat, fat, a skin and additives with E.Priznakami's code of poisoning there will be a dizziness, pain in the pit of the stomach, nausea, vomiting, an abdominal murmur, the complicated breath, and in hard cases expanded motionless pupils and warm weakness.

Olives - one more favourite delicacy for a New Year's table. Meanwhile, not later than this autumn the elderly woman from the city of Helsinki has died from the botulism which has developed as a result of the use of tinned olives. The olives which were stuffed миндалём and at the bottom of two cases of botulism in Finland, have provoked the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights to make the corresponding preventions. However especially attentively it is necessary to approach to purchase of black olives as often they represent still the green fruits painted by a gluconate of iron in black colour.

Potatoes become dangerous as a part of such popular salads as Olivier, vinaigrette and a mimosa as "involves" pathogenic microbes. It is worth to remember that potatoes belong to family plants paslyonovy. This group is famous for a long time for the poisonous representatives: a henbane, a dope, paslyony it is sweet - bitter. From these "relatives" potatoes also have inherited ability to accumulate in itself poisonous substances.

Cheese also can comprise pathogenic bacteria, especially if it is made of not pasteurised milk in house conditions. Such cheeses as feta, бри, Camembert - especially good soil for reproduction of the microorganisms causing an illness under the name листериоз. This illness can lead to an abortion at pregnant women.

Eggs become dangerous already because they are born by birds. And in their digestive path, as we know, the frequent guest is the salmonella. At insufficient processing of dishes it gets and to a human body. Fans every possible gogoley-mogoly and other dishes from crude eggs subject to an extra risk themselves, certainly. Nausea, belly-ache, the diarrhoeia, the increased temperature and the general weakness - here the main symptoms of food poisoning.

Crabsticks - irreplaceable component of New Year's salads. All of us know that the general with crabs they have no anything, and are made of fish forcemeat in which and the fish it is not enough. But there is a lot of aromatizator, dyes, amplifiers of taste, preservatives and stabilizers which mercilessly beat on a stomach. Meat sury, being the main component of crabsticks (it is necessary to pay attention to product structure), this known trade designation for a fishery waste, that is the smallest and damaged fish unsuitable to other production. Besides, at sticks there is an E450 stabilizer and strong allergens E120, Е160, and also Е171 which in Russia, unlike the West countries, are resolved.

Tomatoes "sin" with a salmonella and норовирусами which get to a fruit through microcracks on a thin skin. To avoid gastroenteric diseases provoked by them, it is necessary to choose tomatoes with an equal brilliant thin skin. In 2008 in the USA tomatoes have been withdrawn from structure of traditional hamburgers of a network of a fast food McDonald's and have not appeared there again, micro epidemic of a salmonella (over 20 people are hospitalised), caused by the use of tomatoes of a certain grade has not been overcome yet. Our experts recommend to prepare for a festive table dishes not with fresh tomatoes, and with boiled or stewed.

The greens are a recognised leader in the ranks of provokers of poisoning. Harmful bacteria and viruses get to it from soil and well remain on plants. All know that it is necessary to wash vegetables, fruit and greens. But exactly people for some reason wash out the last very badly, being limited to a negligent spolaskivaniye of a bunch. It is right way to bring an intestinal stick in an organism. However the greens often also preserve the harmful substances absorbed from the soil in leaves and stalks. To save itself from danger it is possible, getting plants only at the checked suppliers, instead of from hands.

Juice. A large number of poisonings occurs because people do not know as correctly to store juice. Remember: the open package can be stored only in the refrigerator. It is very important to check date of manufacturing of drink as in pre-New Year's vanity on counters often there is delayed juice, to drink which dangerously.

Ice-cream - sweet with which many hospitable owners try to please guests on New Year's Eve. Meanwhile, the delicacy stores in itself the hidden dangers. A salmonella, стафилококк and a listeriya quite often choose as a capacity residence for storage of the ice-cream which is on sale on развес, after all wash trays at all so carefully as it would be desirable. And the special spoon for balls very seldom falls to special solution after a fence of each new portion. Once the outbreak of an infection has at all arisen because the "bright" producer transported a cold dessert in one truck with eggs. Besides, if ice-cream was incorrectly stored, frozen and defrozen several times in a row, the probability of is great that in him contain an intestinal stick, стафилококк or a salmonella. Fruit ice threatens also with emergence of allergic reactions as its structure quite often includes more than three various dyes.

Certainly, it is possible to poison not only the listed products, but also meat, fast food, seafood, mushrooms, smoked products and alcohol, eventually. However the majority of troubles can be avoided if to approach to a choice of products with care and attentiveness. Do not forget about washing of hands and try to use different chopping boards for different products. If all of you have faced poisoning symptoms, use absorbent carbon, and at need and an enema with camomile infusion. At suspicion on serious poisoning immediately call the doctor.

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