Asparagus – a minimum of calories and a maximum of advantageEarlier this delicacy could be ordered only at expensive restaurants of Belgium, France and Germany. And today and domestic housewives even more often buy it in supermarkets as a garnish, instead of a traditional potato and cabbage. But whatever colour there was an asparagus, - white, green or violet, - it is identical is useful to health.

Queen of vegetables

Asparagus (lat. Asparagus) is a sort of plants of family of Sparzhevye. Around the world 100 versions of an asparagus are known. One types of an asparagus belong to herbs, and others - to semi-bushes. The top parts of sprouts of an asparagus (length to 20 cm) are widely used in cookery, while a rhizome and the bottom escapes - in medicine.

The asparagus ordinary - Asparagus officinalis is most widespread. Already 4 thousand years this plant are known to mankind. In Ancient Egypt it sacrificed to gods. In Ancient Rome it used in quality афродизиака for emperors. But in the early Middle Ages art of cultivation of an asparagus has been lost, and again to cultivate an asparagus became in Europe only at the time of crusades when it has been found in the territory of Greece and Palestine.

Exists also a wild asparagus. It grows, mainly in the Crimea, in the Caucasus, in Western Siberia, and also in the south of Europe, the Middle East, in Africa and the USA. There her long ago consider as "the queen of vegetables». For example, the European housewives pickle even a wild asparagus and preserve it for the future as we are mushrooms.

Not to confuse to the Korean!

Unfortunately, at us many still confuse this plant to «an asparagus in Korean», on sale in shops in the form of ready salad with carrots. This dish has no relation to the real asparagus. In Chinese it is called as "Fuchzhu", in Japanese - «юба», and it would be possible to translate it into Russian as «a soya asparagus». More precisely, the soya semi-finished product which is widely used in the Korean and Chinese cuisine. It is made of soybeans. For this purpose them crush, presoak, pound in weight, dilute it and separate soya milk from a deposit. Then cook milk and separate the top layer. Here this dried-up soya "skin" also goes then for preparation of salads. It very much калорийна: contains about 40 % of protein and to 21 % of fat. And, in comparison with animal protein, vegetable proteins of a soya asparagus are acquired by an organism for all 100 % therefore to do this product to constants in the diet it is not necessary.

Universal doctor

And here the real asparagus - unique vegetable by quantity of useful substances containing in it, and anything except advantage bring to an organism cannot. It is vitamin-rich And, В1, В2, В5, В6, В9, Е, With, N and RR. It contains such microcells as zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and others, and also - a natural element the selenit possessing powerful antioxidant and antineoplastic action.

Still the asparagus contains the asparaginovy acid playing great value in a metabolism. Therefore the regular use in food of an asparagus stimulates removal from an organism of urea, chlorides and phosphates.

In a green asparagus high content of folic acid. It recommend to include in the menu to pregnant women for maintenance of normal development of a fruit.

Asparagus juice successfully apply in cosmetology to face cleansing, instead of a peeling. With its help the died-off cages perfectly peel.

For those who cares of a figure

And thus in 100 g of an asparagus only 17 kcal therefore it not only will help to cope quickly with extra kilos contain, but also will promote decrease in level of cholesterol in blood. Dieticians recommend to switch off it in a diet that who has diabetes. And as it is a cellulose source also will perfectly improve digestion process.

To use an asparagus for preparation of dishes, it should be boiled correctly. At weak boiling in the added some salt water with addition of a small amount of vegetable oil. As the lower part of a stalk of an asparagus more rigid, than top to cook it it is necessary in vertical situation. For this purpose an asparagus connect in a bunch in which middle place грузик that it has not emerged. Time of cooking of 10-20 minutes, depending on thickness of stalks (but not to digest, its useful substances differently vanish). Here the simplest and useful dishes which it is possible to prepare from an asparagus.

Salad from an asparagus. Take 10 fresh escapes of an asparagus, cut them on a part on 4-5 cm, to add 6 largely cut ripe tomatoes and 30 g previously the fried pine nuts. Mix and slightly сбрызните balsam vinegar. And here to salt such salad it is not recommended.

Asparagus with yoghurt sauce. Boil 100 g of an asparagus. Clear of pods of 500 g of peas and boil it within 2 minutes in boiling water, and then wash out under cold water. Clear of pods of 1 kg of beans and boil 2-3 mines, then let's cool down and clear beans of a peel. Mix all vegetables. For sauce mix 200 g of low-fat yoghurt, 1 crushed garlic glove and small cut bunch of shnitt-onions. Fill with sauce salad from an asparagus with beans and peas.

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