Gnaw nuts not only for a funThe daughter of the Greek tsar Kary was a beloved of god Dionysus, but there was a misfortune, and the girl has died. Then Dionysus has turned it into a nut tree, and the goddess Artemis has enjoined to construct the temple in the honour which columns have executed from a tree turned in the form of female figures. They have received the name of caryatids, that is nymphs of a walnut ("brown" "hazel grove" means). According to the legend, since then in hazel grove thickets young girls drove round dances in honour of Artemis to whom this plant has been devoted. Once during their dance there was a terrible thunder-storm. Having been frightened of the flown hurricane, girlfriends have rushed under protection of a sacred tree and the same minute have turned into the nuts hanging on its branches.

The beautiful legend in own way tells us about a hazel grove origin that is not so surprising, after all the culture of a walnut conducts the beginning with the most ancient times. Fructification of an adult tree begins from 15-20 summer age and proceeds till 150-200 years and more long. As a whole, to speak about advantage of nuts senselessly, after all only the lazy does not know that these appetizing fruits - a well of fat acids, protein, vitamins and mineral substances. However today in the market it is possible to find great variety of grades of nuts, to get confused in which much easier, than to understand. For this reason we have prepared the short review of the most useful versions of the kernels hidden under a rigid shell.

Gnaw nuts not only for a funWalnut. It contains a rare form of vitamin E (strengthening blood vessels) and an omega-3 fat acids which (in pair) help to reduce level of «bad cholesterol». Also at its fruits there are antioxidants and a large amount of the copper protecting skin from negative impact of an ultraviolet. Linolenovy, olein, palmitinovy, laurinovy, stearin, miristinovy and arakhinovy acids contain kernels of a walnut to 80 % of oil, as a part of which. Besides, in these nuts the whole complex of vitamins, including RR, В1, With, To, В2, Е and pro-vitamin A, and also хиноны, about 4 % of tannins and many necessary for high-grade work of an organism mineral substances. The walnut surpasses a black currant in the content of vitamin C. It is very useful to vegetarians as reduces need for meat and albuminous food. The fruit strengthens memory, protects a liver and heart. Funny, but before it recommended to use at headaches as walnut kernels in a form remind cerebral hemispheres.

Gnaw nuts not only for a funPine nuts. Do not cause an allergy, are useful at atherosclerosis, ZhKT diseases, an immunodeficiency, cardiovascular problems, at avitaminosis prevention. From nitrogenous substances in nutlets proteins who, in turn, are characterised by the raised content of amino acids, especially аргинина prevail. This amino acid is extremely important for development of a growing organism therefore pine nuts should be in a diet of children, teenagers and pregnant women. At feeding mothers they increase amount of milk. Pine nuts contain the complex of vitamins B normalising activity of nervous system and improving composition of blood. Medium-sized fruits are capable to satisfy wholly needs of an organism of the adult person for such important and scarce microcells, as copper, cobalt, manganese and zinc. The shell of a pine nut makes 55-60 % from weight of seeds. Its structure contains tannins, amino acids, sugar and microcells. In the crushed condition it is used as an additive in sterns for animals.

Gnaw nuts not only for a funFilbert. More all it is valuable a combination of vitamin E and bioooze (vitamin H), promoting strengthening of a muscular fabric and slowing down ageing process. Probably, because of it in the ancient time it considered as the magic nut, capable to keep life. Today there are three most widespread versions of a filbert: Crimean nut, bady and керасунд. In fruits of trees of each grade about 60 % of oil, 20 % of protein, a set of vitamins and mineral substances. In comparison with other types of nuts the filbert contains very few carbohydrates because of what it recommend to use sick diabetes. The calcium which was in kernels and potassium perfectly influence walls of vessels, promoting increase in their elasticity. The filbert "is shown" at varicose expansion of veins, trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitises and problems with capillaries. There are fruits better in the first half of day as they contain the substances increasing activity of nervous system.

Gnaw nuts not only for a funPeanut. It, it seems as, at all and not a nut, and a plant of family bean which fruits represent the peculiar pods-klubenki ripening underground. But from the national love, presented with it the name of "peanuts" not to get to anywhere. Today the peanut is very popular in the USA, and it in large numbers is used as agricultural forages, and also in the food industry, mainly, for production of oil. In days of the Second World War the peanut was very demanded because of the nutritiousness - they could feed a great number of people, and to store and transport it very easy and conveniently. The peanut is especially rich with the linoleic acid known for that she prevents sclerosis development.« The nut» contains a lot of cellulose stimulating work of a gastroenteric path, vitamins A, With, Е, RR, В1, В2, To, D. The regular use of a peanut in food strengthens memory, improves concentration of attention, favorably affects work of nervous system. However do not forget: the peanut is more often than other nuts causes an allergy.

Gnaw nuts not only for a funBrazilian nuts. Beginners in the domestic market and too not absolutely nuts, and only "orekhopodobny". The tree yielding these fruits, is called by scientists in honour of Claude Bertoll - Bertolletsiya, and grows not only in Brazil, but also in other countries of Latin America: To Venezuela, Guiana, Peru, Bolivia. The selenium which is a part of the Brazilian nuts, reduces risk of a cancer of a rectum, lungs, a breast and a prostate. The amino acids which are present at fruits, too are capable of a lot of things, in particular, they can reduce mass of a fatty fabric, and weight muscular - to increase. Such action very much interests wishing to grow thin, but it does not mean that nuts are panacea in this regard. Surprisingly, but oil of the Brazilian nut suits not only the use in food, after all hour affairs of the master consider it as the best for greasing of hours. It helps mechanisms to work without failures for many years, and artists use this nut oil for creation on its basis of the durable paints, not losing colours of one hundred years.

Do not forget about the almonds rich with calcium strengthening bones, and also about кешью, containing practically as much gland, as well as beef. Pistachios thanks to лютеину, to caro
tinoids and зеаксантину prevent age changes of sight and protect a liver from toxins. The exotic nut a macadamia is useful at avitaminosis, diseases of joints, arthritises, ангинах and migraines. Remember: reasonable addition in a diet of different types of nuts brings notable advantage to an organism.

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