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are most easier to poison

10 products with whichSo, New Year's holidays everything are closer, because of what we are not tired to warn with unprecedented diligence you how to make festive dishes healthy and to avoid various traumas during a feast. For those who nevertheless does not want to refuse traditional wide festivities and a plentiful food on New Year's Eve, we have prepared the list of products with which it is most easier to poison. With them it is necessary Continue reading

Gnaw nuts not only for a funThe daughter of the Greek tsar Kary was a beloved of god Dionysus, but there was a misfortune, and the girl has died. Then Dionysus has turned it into a nut tree, and the goddess Artemis has enjoined to construct the temple in the honour which columns have executed from a tree turned in the form of female figures. They have received the name of caryatids, that is nymphs of a walnut ("brown" "hazel grove" means). According to Continue reading

Asparagus – a minimum of calories and a maximum of advantageEarlier this delicacy could be ordered only at expensive restaurants of Belgium, France and Germany. And today and domestic housewives even more often buy it in supermarkets as a garnish, instead of a traditional potato and cabbage. But whatever colour there was an asparagus, - white, green or violet, - it is identical is useful to health.

Queen of vegetables

Asparagus (lat. Asparagus) is a sort of plants of family of Sparzhevye. Around the Continue reading