How to get rid of snoreSnore is the sound phenomenon arising at vibration of soft fabrics of a gortanoglotka against passing of a current of air through narrowed respiratory ways and caused by features of an anatomic structure of the person. According to some information, nine of ten snoring - ¬мужчины at the age from 40 years also are more senior. Some of them rustle so that is audible in the next rooms. By informal calculations, sound level in such cases reaches 80 decibels, and it is comparable to a jackhammer roar! But also it not a limit, after all especially strong snore can rise to loudness in 112 dB, thus responsible for cacophony usually hears nothing and peacefully sleeps. His partner and other members of household, on the contrary, suffer during the whole night, for the morning feeling not slept, tired and irritable.

Opinion of the expert. We give a fragment from interview to the portal "MED-Info.Rf" of Andrey Ivanovicha Kryukov, the doctor of medical sciences, the professor and the head of the Moscow scientific and practical centre of an otorinolaringologiya. Our guest answers a question, whether is snore harmless physiological feature or a dangerous phenomenon:« Harmless physiological feature I would not call this phenomenon. I subdivide this extremely complex problem into two aspects. One party has put, when the patient has difficulties of nasal breath, and in a dream condition he, naturally, starts to breathe through the mouth, because in horizontal situation blood inflow to the head amplifies and the complicated nasal breath becomes even worse. At this time there is a vibration of palatal handles, a soft palate and snore is provoked. In such situation it is possible to consult with it, having restored nasal breath. In case of a giperplaziya of a soft palate - having cleaned sites of defeat and having in addition reinforced мягкоё the sky. For this purpose there are special threads and other techniques are, in a word, has put the expert. The second side of the problem when the patient has a dysfunction of muscles of a diaphragm, muscles of a soft palate. Then snore is, as a rule, accompanied by respiratory standstill in a dream. It already more serious neurophysiological problem. Cardiorespiratory monitoring of functions of a dream and special therapy by devices with an elevated pressure is shown to such patient. This is so-called Pikvik a syndrome the lethality at which is rather high around the world. In any case, if the patient has snore and a breath delay in a dream, of course, it is necessary to address to the doctor сомнологу which specialises on these phenomena, carries out research and selects treatment option for the specific patient. Only after that it is possible or to execute a throat and nose cavity operation, or to be engaged in more serious and profound treatment».

Joke for 1 dollar. In the USA at the beginning of the last century in one of newspapers the announcement saying has been printed: «Simple medicine for the snore, which efficiency will be confirmed by any doctor. A simple rule, following to which you can win any snore, even the heaviest form. Send 1 dollar to the address […] and receive the recipe». Considering that this problem was always actual, it is not necessary to be surprised that the huge number of people has responded to the announcement. All of them have sent money and even have received the answer: to everyone the card of the following contents has come: «Absolute remedy for snore - simply do not go to bed!».

How to help itself it is independent? We will not occupy your attention with stories that it is possible to get rid of snore if to eat on five times a day baked carrots or pounded with honey a cabbage leaf. These folk remedies, probably, are effective, but is obvious not in fight against the described problem. We offer some professional advice which will help to facilitate your condition:

  • Sleep on one side. Enclose a pillow behind the back so that not to turn over in a dream. Try to spend some nights on a narrow sofa to get used to such situation.
  • If you can sleep only on a back, provide the sublime provision of a headboard (2-3 pillows). When the head is raised, language does not "sink down" in a throat.
  • Use a planimetric orthopedic pillow with a thickening under a neck.
  • Try to dump excess weight. In the presence of snore, the increase in weight of a body at only 10 % from the initial can worsen breath parametres for the whole 50 %. More often it is accompanied by transition to a stage of a syndrome following on weight obstructive апноэ a dream (SOAS). The boomerang effect also exists: if to normalise mass of a body, unpleasant symptoms will recede.
  • For З hour to a dream do not drink alcohol and do not eat heavy food. Alcohol weakens pharyngeal muscles, provoking snore and SOAS.
  • Give up smoking or, at least, do not smoke in 2 hours prior to a dream. Smoking often causes a chronic inflammation of a throat and a trachea, being accompanied puffiness of their walls and decrease in a tone of pharyngeal muscles. It, in turn, causes narrowing of respiratory ways and strengthens snore and SOAS. It is necessary to approach extremely carefully, however, to a question of the termination of smoking at patients with obesity. It can lead to further increase in weight of a body and disease progressing that will nullify advantages from the smoking termination. In this situation it is necessary to make an attempt at first an essential weight loss, and already behind that to solve a question with smoking.
  • Use in a bedroom an ultrasonic humidifier, especially during a heating season in the winter.
  • At existence at you allergic rhinitis provide in a bedroom a hypoallergenic situation: clean carpets and flowers, do not start up in a bedroom of animals, use pillows and blankets from the modern natural or synthetic materials which are not containing down, a feather or wool.
  • Some experts recommend to carry out the following exercise: 3 times a day till 30-40 time most to push language forward and down for 1-2 seconds. Regular occupations within a month will help to reduce snore considerably.

The described preventive actions have a certain effect, but for complete disposal of snore it is necessary to address in specialised clinic. At the present stage at the disposal of physicians there is enough of various techniques (such as, for example, SIPAP-terapiya or cardiorespiratory monitoring), capable to help even in the most started cases. In this regard we sincerely advise to you not to be fond of snore correction in house conditions and, especially, not to suffer tortures because of it, and as soon as possible to register in reception to оториноларингологу or сомнологу.

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