Milk: advantage and harmWho does not love milk? There is a legend how ancient gods have decided to punish people, having put them before a choice: or to drink, or is. Those who has chosen water, have died of hunger. And those who I go - from thirst. And only those who has stopped the choice on milk, could survive, because it has replaced with it and I go, and drink. But it is only beautiful fairy tale, and here a modern science has proved what to be fond of milk not all is possible …

Parent, cow or goat?

Milk - a unique product in which proteins and carbohydrates are ideally combined. It is a natural source of vitamins B2, В12, And, D and such necessary element for our bones, as calcium. But milk can represent danger to children. In case it not female milk, and cow. Scientists have found out that more than 40 % of children of the first year of life have atopic dermatitis (a heavy type of an allergy) and its most widespread reason is the intolerance the child of proteins of cow milk.

According to the recommendation of the American Academy of pediatrists, it is impossible to give cow milk to children 1 year as it causes gripes is more younger. In the first year of life at the child all systems of an organism are formed, is laid the foundation for future health. The healthy nutrition during this period is the most important factor, and it should be the most approximate to chest milk. If mother for any reasons has no chest milk, it is better to transfer the child to the goat.

Fats of goat milk it is easier and are better acquired, than fats of the cow. Proteins of goat milk differ on the qualitative structure from proteins of the cow. It is very important for milk digestion. The clot which is formed in a stomach of the baby after the use of goat milk, is much less on the sizes and density, than after cow milk. It facilitates its digestion in a gastroenteric path of the kid. It reminds a clot arising at digestion of parent milk more. So, is suitable for the child much more.

Why it is impossible for adults

At the end of the XX century scientists have made unexpected discovery: milk - ideal food only for quickly growing organism of the child. And here it is not capable to benefit adults. First, because with age the person loses ability to split the main component of milk - lactose (dairy sugar) And those substances which completely were not digested, become the reason of gastroenteric frustration, stomach and diarrhoeia swellings. Over time the organism will allocate places where will "hide" undigested components of milk. Later these places become the centres of many diseases. The person will have unhealthy complexion, hypostases, joint pains, chronic locks.
Secondly, milk is one of the most high-calorie products and contains high level of cholesterol. Therefore to the person inclined to excess weight, milk is shown only from 1-1,5 % of fat content.
But it is best of all, according to dieticians if the people who have stepped a 40-year boundary, at all refuse milk in favour of the sour-milk products received as a result of a skvashivaniye of milk by various lactic microorganisms with addition (or without) yeast and acetic bacteria. In comparison with natural milk the sour-milk products the Nobel winner I.Mechnikov was which popular writer, are acquired much better because lactose in the course of lactic fermentation decays microorganisms on legkousvaivayemy substances.

Our sour-milk friends

The range of sour-milk products of industrial production is very extensive:

  • Kefir well influences intestines microflora, helps immunity to cope with infectious diseases, and thus caloric content of 100 ml of 1 % of kefir makes all - 36 kcal.
  • Fermented baked milk receive from baked milk by joint lactic and spirit fermentation. It stimulates appetite, improves work of a gastroenteric path and kidneys.
  • Curdled milk is useful at the lowered acidity of gastric juice, liver diseases, obesity, atherosclerosis. The lactic microorganisms applied to its production, develop softer L-dairy acid therefore taste of curdled milk softer and is especially recommended for baby food.
  • Acidophilus milk is a version of curdled milk. It is made by means of an acidophile stick which is better, than by other lactic bacteria, gets accustomed in intestines. Acidophilus milk is effective at nausea, vomiting, furuncles, sleeplessness.
  • Yoghurt is useful to all. We are obliged by its emergence to inhabitants of Bulgaria who in a special way сквашивали sheep milk and called it for a long time the beautiful word "yugurt". And today as "ferment" for yoghurt use a streptococcus and the Bulgarian stick. The main criterion of advantage of yoghurt - its period of storage. "Live" yoghurt (containing live microorganisms) is stored only 2-3 weeks at temperature from +2 to +8 °C. And here from pasteurised to use for health will not be absolutely.

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