Machoes do not cry and are not ill: how to persuade the man to visit the doctor?Need of visit to the doctor forces the stronger sex to show unprecedented obstinacy. To persuade the man to register in reception to the expert often not easier, than to shift the mountain. According to some information, nine of ten husbands under any pretext do not wish to go to hospital or to call the doctor on the house, than strongly afflict the wives. Meanwhile, official (and pitiable) statisticians according to whom 80 % of the people dying at able-bodied age - men, nobody cancelled. In what way it is possible to break a dangerous tendency and to return to sons, brothers and partners in life interest to own health?
For a start we will try to understand the main reasons inducing men to refuse medical leaving:
• Machoes do not cry and are not ill. Each man dreams to be if not the hero, exactly the person strong and hardy. It no wonder, after all such is the standard stereotype of courage fixed in books, films and other popular production. You though time saw James Bond on reception at the doctor? Anything similar, it will easily endure one hundred - another of bullet wounds, and about cold or flu ridiculously and to speak. Therefore, to be ill for the man humiliating, it characterises it as the weak and spoilt person.
• Men are more critical, than the woman therefore are inclined not to trust competences of the doctor, what conventional expert it would not be. To them in everything the dirty trick, a vymanivaniye of money and nonprofessionalism sees.
• The stronger sex by nature possesses the expressed leader qualities, and his representatives prefer to keep control of everything, independently to make the decision and everything to plan. Having appeared as the patient, the man is compelled to obey to doctor's instructions (to observe a mode to take medicine to visit procedures). It is an injuring situation to which it is hard to reconcile. To be obedient and to give control over the health to other person is a difficult step for the man.
• Men suffer any illnesses more hard, than women. They are less tolerant to pain and much more strongly are afraid that in them will find something really serious and dangerous. Such fear - an excellent occasion to delay visit to clinic.
So, now it became a little more clear, why men avoid communication with doctors. It was necessary to understand how it to help. Secretly to write down the husband on reception, and then to confront it with a fait accompli - not an exit as blest, most likely, will simply ignore the appointed survey. To call the expert on the house it is possible also not always, after all the man usually protests, dividing all the diseases into two groups: "nonsense" (which it is not necessary to treat at all) and "deadly" (which to treat is already useless). What to do?
• To transfer arrows to itself. Leave the husband as the strong defender, having referred to own suspiciousness in connection with which ask it to descend to the doctor. Convince the husband that it does it at all because badly feels, but only that you to calm.
• To apply "shock therapy". Unlike emotional women, men are influenced better by the facts. Be reserved by necessary statistics about a "looking younger" heart attack, a death rate at a concrete illness, find out, the symptoms fixed at house "macho" can be what symptoms of diseases. Remember, whether there is no at it a hereditary predisposition to any unpleasant "sores". Can embellish a little a situation, trying to cause fears, but call things by their proper names. To finish the improvised lecture it is possible the significant phrase that the earlier deviations are found, the it is easier to treat them.
• It is unflattering to express appearance. Despite seeming untidiness, men not less women watch the shape. If to pay their attention to the certain defect which has found is can quite become incentive for visit to clinic. The newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" provides about it the quote of the adviser of the Moscow medico-psychological centre of identity of Dmitry Nepomnyashchikh: «It is necessary to force to look the man at itself in a mirror. Let will undress to pants and will attentively consider the reflexion. After that, it is sure, the question «Why to go to the doctor?» will disappear by itself».
• Barter. The "children's" option quite will be suitable for infantile men with a carrot and stick. Promise blest that if he will agree on survey at the expert, too you will make for it something pleasant (depends on interests of the man: from a campaign on football before purchase of elite cuff links).
• Image maintenance. For the men concentrated to work, the arguments connected with their labour activity can approach. For example: if not to address to the doctor in time, it is possible to drop out of the schedule for a long time then. If the company of your satellite is representative and demands from employees of neatness and style observance, it is quite possible to "threaten" the man with loss of a former form and danger to lose a good place.
Sometimes all described dodges appear superfluous, and the simple heart-to-heart, direct talk can help. Talk to the man about his alarms, try rationally everything to explain. It is useful to go on reception to the doctor together as very often men become isolated during survey. They begin with the description of little significant symptoms, forgetting about the main problem, hesitate to ask questions and not always accurately formulate, what exactly disturbs them. As a result your satellite is convinced only again that the doctor is incompetent, and to cure his illness it is impossible.

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