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How to grow thin after the delivery:Every second young mother after the delivery faces a problem of excess weight. While the kid is on chest feeding, cannot be and speeches about rigid diets. On visits of fitness clubs there is neither time, nor superfluous means more often. And on house sports activities simply there are no forces. How to grow thin after the delivery with the smallest expenses and without harm for the child? The answer is simple, as all ingenious: exercises useful to a figure it is necessary gradually to accustom to do itself during walk with the kid in the open air (in a yard, in park etc.). So you will kill at once two hares: the child receives a charge of oxygen necessary for it, and you instead of aimlessly loafing there-here or to sit on a shop, including minutes till the end of walk, every day will approach the figure to those parametres which were before childbirth. And the ordinary baby carriage becomes your irreplaceable "apparatus" in this situation.

Exercise No. 1. You only have left on walk, the child does not sleep yet. Begin with warm-up to prepare an organism for loading: walk quickly, alternating usual walking with sports (rotation by hips) and a boxing shuttle step (a pereprygivaniye from one foot on another during advance forward).

Exercise No. 2. The kid has fallen asleep, but is yet strong, and it is necessary for you to roll a carriage. Occupy a starting position (SP): a carriage before you, both hands put on its handle. One foot expose forward for the best stability. Swing the kid at the expense of strong movements by hands, push a carriage in the direction from itself and back. Thus bend hands in elbows, planting them more in the parties. Try to stand exactly, without being shaken after a carriage, and working only shoulders. Then replace a persistent foot and repeat all over again.
That gives this exercise: strengthens muscles of a breast, a humeral belt and hands.

Exercise No. 3. SP: become a back to a carriage. Take away hands back. Undertake the carriage handle from below the return successful fellow. Movement of hands, at the expense of bending and a razgibaniye of elbows, push it from itself and back. Thus elbows should be sent to the parties, and movements to be carried out only at the expense of work of shoulders and forearms. It is impossible to bend forward!
That gives this exercise: strengthening of muscles of a back surface of shoulders and humeral belt.

Exercise No. 4. SP: become a side to a carriage. Swinging a carriage one hand, incline the case aside. Last below, after a hand, doing an inclination with the maximum amplitude. Help itself, bending a hand in an elbow a little. The second hand is on a belt. Fix a basin and hips. Try to carry out movement only the case and strictly aside. Then change a hand and the party and repeat all over again.
That gives this exercise: strengthening of muscles of a back and slanting muscles of a stomach.

Exercise No. 5. When your kid will strong fall asleep, it is possible to put a carriage under a tree (on a roadside) and to start the following exercises. SP: become faced to a carriage. Hands put on the carriage handle. Feet put slightly more widely width of shoulders, having densely pressed feet to the earth. Squat, bending knees and hips, but thus do not plant knees strongly in the parties and do not tear off a heel from the earth. Be careful - do not wake the child. Not to touch with knees a carriage, and with hands not to push it forward, the basin and shoulders should be withdrawn constantly back.
That gives this exercise: strengthening of buttock muscles, hips and back.

Exercise No. 6. SP: become sideways from a carriage. For balance deduction during exercise performance one hand put on the carriage handle. Feet put on width of shoulders. Start to do moves forward-back, and after - cross moves. To carry out movements it is necessary strictly from a coxofemoral joint, and a sock of foot to extend up. When reach the top point, do a pause, in addition straining working muscles. Carrying out direct moves, do not cave in in a waist, and carrying out cross, hold out a foot above, in a diagonal to other foot.
That gives this exercise: strengthening of muscles of a back, forward, internal and external surface of hips.

Exercise No. 7. SP: become sideways from a carriage. For balance deduction during exercise performance one hand put on the carriage handle. Feet put on width of shoulders. One foot make a big step forward. Fix situation, rest completely on all foot. Bend behind standing foot, as though sitting down on one knee. Becoming straight, make a start foot ahead of a standing foot. Execute exercise from other foot, thus rise from other side from a carriage. Watch that the foot heel ahead of a standing foot was precisely on one line with a knee.
That gives this exercise: strengthening of buttock muscles and muscles of hips.

Exercise No. 8. Similar to exercise No. 1. Finish occupations, coming back from walk, the same with what began.

It is important:

  • Quantity of approaches for each exercise - 2 times, and number of repetitions in each approach - 10 times.
  • Carrying out exercises, be adjusted on a positive. It is possible to present mentally as you will perfectly look in a bathing suit on a beach when will go to the first holiday together with the child.
  • Do not hesitate and do not pay attention to amazed looks (and even remarks) passersby. It is not excluded that already on the second or third walk other young mothers will join you, and you will create peculiar «club on interests».

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