Female professions are unhealthyFrom time to time sites on job search publish ratings of the most harmful, dangerous and stressful areas of professional activity. Having analysed these data, scientists have made the list of the most popular female professions, unhealthy. As it has appeared, even most habitual of them can pose threat to wellbeing of the fair sex.
Teacher. According to the research which has been carried out by the National centre of a voice and speech and the American institute of physics, at teachers the risk of loss of a voice and emergence of other problems with sheaves is higher in 32 times, than at representatives of any other professions. The frequent companion of teachers - quinsy. Does not do without consequences and communication with modern children, many of which very scornfully treat and the school duties, and to the identity of the teacher. From here one more problem - a constant stress. Besides, today even more often there are stories about the female teachers who have faced any manifestations of violence from the wards.
Doctor. Occupational diseases of representatives of medicine depend on the concrete sphere of their activity. So, surgeons often suffer from варикоза because a lot of time walk, and stomatologists have problems with a backbone, after all they sometimes for hours sit in an inconvenient pose. Many doctors suffer from an allergy to medicines and disinfectants.
Hairdresser. Representatives of this profession should contact to chemical means (for laying, a wave or straightening of hair, for example) still more often than to doctors. In this regard to barbers are perfectly familiar both allergic, and other diseases of respiratory ways. According to the research which has been carried out in 1982 by the Californian university, because of continuous contact to chemicals incidence of a myeloma among hairdressers in 4 times is higher, than at all other. Besides, it is proved that long interaction with a hair-dye in times increases risk of emergence of a cancer of a mammary gland. Certainly, does not avoid female hairdressers and варикоз.
Stewardess. This romantic, at first sight, the profession is dangerous to the woman the same, than its and involves - travel. Continuous change of pressure at take-off and landing influences a current of blood and can cause formation of blood clots, and jolting in the plane and continuous vibration sometimes provoke, for example, a rupture of cysts or formation of tumours. Does not go on advantage and infinite change of time zones. The increased dryness of air onboard leads to skin presenilation. Flights are especially dangerous to the girls stewardesses being in situation. On early terms of pregnancy (3-4 weeks) future mother can not suspect yet about the kid whereas change of gravitational pressure and vibration can quite provoke an abortion or the stood pregnancy.
The actress - one more profession fanned by an aura of imaginations. Dreaming to become the TV screen star, many girls forget that such activity is interfaced to a constant stress, the unrationed schedule, frequent flights. An irregular food negatively affects on health of digestive system, the make-up spoils skin, causing its presenilation. Actresses of theatre have the same problems with a voice, as teachers. Work, as a whole, is unstable (today you have invited at once some directors, tomorrow roles at all are not present). On datas of statistics to cope with such situation to actresses more often than it would be desirable, the alcohol, cigarettes and even drugs help.
Waitress, selling assistant. These two professions are incorporated in one group as both in the first, and in the second case the woman should walk all day because of what her main problem with health becomes варикоз. In addition, both professional areas are interfaced to the considerable emotional stress caused by need to please even to the most captious client, having kept thus tranquillity. For many waitresses the cigarette smoke becomes the real nightmare. In Russia smoking in public places not that that is not forbidden, and as if even would be encouraged, because of what in halls of cafe and restaurants the grey veil of tobacco "smog" constantly hangs. Inhaling fetid fumes daily, even the non-smoking woman gets «a syndrome of the waitress», that is starts to cough in the mornings and to feel all manifestations of dependence on cigarettes.
According to scientists, journalists suffer from an overload information and an unrationed operating schedule, the woman heads are more often than others have heart troubles, digestive system and face sexual frustration. Office employees damage eyesight, a bearing and have the bent backbone. Such "harm" can find in any professional area therefore the most dangerous experts call an unloved profession. This work brings to mental health of the person more harm, than all other together taken. If activity pleases and it gives pleasure, it is possible to consult with all its adverse parties.

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