About advantage of sea-buckthorn berriesIn the West fruits of an oblepikhovy tree for unique medical properties have nicknamed «the Siberian pineapple». If in the autumn to put in the freezer a package with ripe berries of sea-buckthorn berries, and in the winter to eat daily on a small handful, neither flu, nor quinsy to you will be not terrible.

Coeval of mammoths

Scientists have established that the sea-buckthorn berries existed during the preglacial period, so, she has found mammoths and other prehistoric animals. On one of legends, 2300 years ago when Alexander the Great has gone to a long aggressive campaign, the most part of loading laid down on horses. Without maintaining a long way, animals were ready to drop and them simply finished. But somehow one of soldiers has noticed that if a horse to give to drink broth from fruits, branches and sea-buckthorn berries leaves, it literally in the face of is restored to life.

Apparently, when the well-known Swedish scientist Charles Linnya entitled this tree (to Hippophae Rhamnoides - «sea-buckthorn berries krushinovidny»), has remembered an old legend. In transfer from Latin Hippos is "horse", and Phaes - «shine, a lustre».

In Russia the sea-buckthorn berries have received more successful name. Bright orange brilliant berries so closely press close the friend to the friend on prickly branches that it is impossible to tell about it differently as "stick round".

Health recipes

In Russia about useful properties of sea-buckthorn berries it was known long ago. In villages healers for preparation of medicines from sea-buckthorn berries to a course had all: fresh berries, juice from them, oil from seeds, leaves and a bark. And it is not casual. On the chemical composition sea-buckthorn berries - a source of a large amount of vitamins and useful mineral substances. And the most important - they contain in it such combination at which mutually strengthen action and safety of each other. So, fruits of this plant contain beta carotene (pro-vitamin A). group B, K, P, PP, C and E vitamins («youth vitamin»), and also polynonsaturated fat acids and bioantioxidants. And in a bark of sea-buckthorn berries there is a valuable substance - серотонин which possesses antineoplastic action.
Sea-buckthorn berries products with success apply, both in national, and in traditional medicine at the most various diseases.

Fresh berries and juice from them are a fine prophylactic for cold. In 100г berries (fresh or frozen) the shock dose of vitamin C - 300мг contains.

Tea from the leaves of the sea-buckthorn berries which collected in May and have been dried up in a shadow, helps at an anaemia, a scurvy, rheumatism and inflammatory diseases of intestines. (Prepare it so: 1 tablespoon of leaves on a boiled water glass let's be drawn 15 minutes and to drink 1 time on an empty stomach in a warm look).

Oblepikhovoye oil - promotes fast healing of wounds, ulcers and burns. If at you on a country site the sea-buckthorn berries, that grow, having put a few efforts, it is possible to prepare independently, and then it will be rather non-polluting product. For this purpose (bring together them usually in October - the beginning of November, to the first serious frosts) it is necessary to wipe ripe berries through a sieve. The wiped weight to heat up to 80 °, to pour in glass jars and tightly to close. In 2-3 months the weight is divided into 2 layers. The top layer needs to be removed accurately (it contains about 25 % of oil), to place in the enameled pan and to add seeds and a peel in the ground look so that paste has turned out. Then to take the refined sunflower oil (0,5 l на1 paste kg) to finish it to boiling and hot to fill in paste. After that to weary paste in a pan in an oven on very weak fire (50 °) no more than days, periodically stirring slowly. (With the same success it can be made and on a water bath). In 2 days to filter weight through a gauze sack which then to suspend over any vessel for oil running off. Ready oil to pour on bottles with the ground-in covers from dark glass and it is possible to store all year in a dark cool place.

From sea-buckthorn berries cosmeticians recommend to use softening mask at dry, being shelled skin. For its preparation mix 1 egg yolk with 1 h. l. honey and 1 h. l. Kashitsa from the crushed fruits of sea-buckthorn berries. Put a mask on the face skin cleared previously for 10 minutes, and then wash away warm water.

And still the sea-buckthorn berries can be added in traditional dishes. For example, for the child who without special enthusiasm drinks usual kefir, it is possible to add there sea-buckthorn berries.

Oblepikhovy kefir. On 1 glass of kefir: 100г sea-buckthorn berries, 1 ч.л.меда for a podslashchivaniye. Berries of sea-buckthorn berries shake up in a mixer, add medical. Separately shake up kefir. All components connect, mix and pour in a beautiful glass.

The berry juice from sea-buckthorn berries will perfectly satisfy thirst and will help to get rid of addiction to the colour aerated drinks. On 1стакан fresh juice of sea-buckthorn berries: 100 g of sugar, 1 l of water. From fresh berries of sea-buckthorn berries to wring out the juice, the received oil cake to boil thoroughly with water and sugar, to filter and connect broth to juice and it is good to cool.

The sea-buckthorn berries are contraindicated: to children till 3 years, at the increased acidity of a stomach, pancreatitis and sharp cholecystitis since possesses strong zhelchegonny action.

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