Features of treatment by colourHow often you noticed, what having put on a thing of favourite colour, your health improved, and on the contrary - if on work before eyes someone all the time loomed in clothes of your unloved colour, the mood fell, and the inexplicable melancholy rolled? It is quite probable that it is not casual. Supporters of nonconventional medicine are convinced that colour can be excellent medicine.

What is the hromoterapiya

Hromoterapiya (from Greek chroma - «colour, paint» and therapeia - «leaving, treatment») is a contactless method of treatment by colour and light, based that light, being electromagnetic radiation, gets through fabrics and bears necessary energy. Any colour is perceived by receptors of our eyes and provokes chain chemical reaction which in turn causes the electric impulses stimulating nervous system. When nervous stimulation reaches a brain, it releases salutary hormones for an organism that helps recovery.

Treatment by means of colour was known in east medicine in the IV-III millennium B.C. The well-known doctors of an antiquity successfully cured colour many diseases. Kornely Tsels, for example, writing out medicine, surely considered, what it colours: for treatment of wounds it used a black, green, red or white plaster, depending on wound type. And great Avicenna even has made the atlas in which has described dependence between colour, human temperament and health of the person. In his opinion, morning light helps food assimilation, red colour improves mood, and shades of yellow flowers - well influence a liver and remove an inflammation.

As it looks in practice

The modern science offers two ways of treatment by means of colour in house conditions.

Way first. Proceeding from what body you will influence, take a leaf of colour paper (she can be bought in any stationery) which size should make 20х40 see. (If there is no paper, the slice of a monophonic fabric) can quite replace it. Sit down so that the sheet of paper was from you at distance 1-1,5 ми attentively look at it 15 minutes. And so - daily one time.

Way second. It will suit only to at whom the imagination is by nature well developed. For this purpose colour paper is not required. It is necessary to sit down only more conveniently, to disconnect all sound irritants (the TV, phone and so forth) to close eyes and mentally to imagine that the room in which you now are, was completely painted in necessary to you for treatment colour. If from the first for any reasons it is impossible to you, try to present yourself in object to which colour you have already got used long ago. (For example if dark blue colour is necessary, present that with each step all of you plunge into the quiet dark blue sea more deeply; if the orange - as if you in orange and all around orange, as in Edyta Pyekha's well-known song; and if the green - as if you lie in the middle of a meadow and you are surrounded by a green-green grass). Such colour "meditation" should proceed no more than 20 minutes and is not more often than once per day. Then slowly open eyes, sit a few minutes more in the weakened condition and start the commonplaces.

«Call to me the favourite colour, and I will tell, than you are sick»

How to define, which colour most of all will help you at this or that disease?« Hromoterapevta» consider that red colour raises the content of haemoglobin in blood, helps at violations of a menstrual cycle and increases immunity. Orange - has all-strengthening effect on an organism, promotes clarification of vessels and increases appetite. Yellow - stimulates clarification of digestive organs and skin, promotes bile allocation. Green - well affects sight, removes a spasm of bronchial tubes and has fine soothing effect. Blue - helps to suppress inflammatory processes, possesses febrifugal effect and well calms the upset nerves. Dark blue - it is useful at diseases of respiratory ways (bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma), and also regulates activity of a thyroid gland and promotes fast healing of wounds. Violet - it is capable to reduce pain and to help at sleeplessness and a depression. White - increases protective forces of an organism and normalises activity of the central nervous system.

Certainly, as well as concerning any other method of nonconventional medicine, it is necessary to believe in a tsvetoterapiya, first of all, and initially to adjust itself that concrete colour will help you to get rid of a concrete illness. Sometimes it really works, to spite of all sceptics!

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