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To the seventh sweatSweat is only water solution of salts and the organic substances, allocated by specialised glands. It contains 98-99 % of water and all "additives": nitrogenous substances (urea, uric acid, Creatinine, ammonia), some amino acids (серин, histidine), protein traces, urokaninovy acid, flying fat acids, soaps, cholesterol, salts of alkaline metals (sodium chloride), glucose, vitamins, biogene амины, catecholamines, histamine and steroid Continue reading

Nails, part I: changes of a form and sizesModern doctors give attention to direct survey of the patient ever less and is more increasing - to laboratory and tool methods of inspection. Not the dermatologist seldom pays close attention to nails which meanwhile often bear a well of every possible information: on them as according to the book, it is possible to learn not only about the general state of health of the patient but also to predict development of some diseases, it is necessary Continue reading

Features of treatment by colourHow often you noticed, what having put on a thing of favourite colour, your health improved, and on the contrary - if on work before eyes someone all the time loomed in clothes of your unloved colour, the mood fell, and the inexplicable melancholy rolled? It is quite probable that it is not casual. Supporters of nonconventional medicine are convinced that colour can be excellent medicine.

What is the hromoterapiya

Hromoterapiya (from Greek Continue reading

New way of treatment of burns on a face the scienceEngineers from university of Arlington together with military surgeons have invented a new way of treatment of burns on a face. They have suggested to use the BioMask technology - the polymeric masks accelerating regeneration of skin and healing of burns on a face.
According to experts, the BioMask technology is a mask with the built-in electric, mechanical and biological components. Also it includes sensors for treatment monitoring by means of Continue reading