How to cure coughSo, if you have become interested in a question of how to cure cough, therefore, this unpleasant symptom haunts you or your relatives. First of all, we recommend to define, what of numerous types of cough you have faced, as the choice of optimum treatment will depend on it. Let's remind that simply cough divide into two groups: productive (with a phlegm) and unproductive (dry). The main treatment of dry cough is directed on translating "useless" cough in "useful" (damp) or to block it if it is necessary (such decision the doctor) can accept only. For a start разберёмся in what medicamentous means can help to cope with an objective.

Otkharkivayushchiye means are the medicines promoting removal of a phlegm from pulmonary ways. All of them share on two big groups: stimulating otkharkivany and mukolitichesky.

1. The preparations stimulating an otkharkivaniye: strengthen impellent activity of small bronchial tubes that promotes phlegm advance in the direction to the centre. This mechanism of action is usually combined with strengthening of secretion of slime by glands located in bronchial tubes, and reduction of viscosity of a phlegm. Are most often used at cough treatment at children. Such drugs treat:

  • preparations of reflex action (Termopsis, Altya, Terpingidrat, Solodka, essential oils). They have easy irritating effect on receptors of a mucous membrane of a stomach, is at the same time reflex (through their innerviruyushchy nervous fibres) influencing and bronchial tubes. Gedeliks (extract of leaves of an ivy) are suitable for children, the Doctor of MEGOHM, Mukaltin (extract medicinal алтея), to Pertussin.
  • preparations of rezorbtivny action (sodium and potassium iodide, ammonium chloride, sodium the hydrocarbonate and other salt preparations), being soaked up in a gastroenteric path, are allocated mucous bronchial tubes, increase bronchial secretion, dilute a phlegm and facilitate an otkharkivaniye.

2. Mukolitichesky means dilute a phlegm at the expense of change of structure of slime, reduce its viscosity, but practically do not increase in volume (unlike otkharkivayushchy mixtures). Some of preparations of this group have some medicinal forms providing various ways of delivery of active ingredient (oral, inhalation, endobronkhialny) that is extremely important in complex therapy of diseases of respiratory organs at children. However it is impossible to combine mukolitichesky means with the protivokashlevy. Allocate 2 types of preparations:

  • fermental (for example, трипсин, химотрипсин, RNKAZ) reduce both viscosity, and elasticity of a phlegm, possess antiedematous and anti-inflammatory action. However these preparations practically are not applied in pulmonology since can provoke a bronchospasm, a blood spitting, allergic reactions. The exception is made by rekombinantny aДНКаза which appoint the patient with mukovistsidozy.
  • synthetic preparations (Bromgeksin, Ambroksol, Atsetiltsistein, Karbotsistein). AZZ, Fluimutsil, Rinofluimutsil - means on a basis ацетилцистеина, Ambrobena and Lazolvan - on a basis амброксола.

3. There are also combined preparations containing two and more operating component. Some of them include protivokashlevy a preparation (стоптуссин, гексапневмин, Lorain), the bronchial spasmolytic (солутан, аскорил), febrifugal or antibacterial means (гексапневмин, Lorain). Such drugs can appoint only the doctor according to special indications, children by means of the combined means to treat usually it is forbidden.

Pay attention what independently to apply antibiotics at cough it is not necessary. First, if cough is caused by viruses, fungi or not infectious reasons, antibiotics not only will not help, but also will do much harm - will strike blow to natural flora and will develop resistance at present and while inactive bacteria. Besides, the range of antibacterial preparations is too great, and not all means operate on causative agents of diseases respiratory ситсемы. Antibiotics at cough are appointed usually at the complicated diseases and only by the doctor.
People who independently apply antibiotics usually hope to cure cough in one day, considerably. We hurry to assure you that such plan will not work, as even if the preparation will be picked truly up, it is necessary to apply it to high-grade therapy some days and effect will be visible not at once.

The preparations suppressing cough. Are applied to treatment of dry cough. Influencing the kashlevy centres in a brain and on nervous receptors in respiratory ways, hand over information on irritation in the central nervous system (afferentny receptors). To this group means treat with narcotic effect (for example, a codeine, дигидроксикодеинон, декстрометорфан) and the preparations, having not narcotic protivokashlevy effect (for example, либексин, тусупрекс). Action of the last is usually accompanied by decrease in sensitivity of bronchial tubes and reduction of their spasm. Uncontrolled application of such drugs is inadmissible, as they completely remove or suppress kashlevy a reflex. Meanwhile, in the presence of pulmonary diseases cough bears on itself cleaning function (removes slime and a phlegm), that is is necessary for an organism, and to block it it is impossible.

Whether it is useful to breathe over a potato? To inhale steam from boiled potatoes, having bent over a pan and having thrown the head with a towel - the known "national" recipe of disposal of illnesses. As far as it is effective concerning cough? According to doctors-lung specialists, steam from a potato cannot get further the top department of a trachea. To reach bronchial tubes it it is not capable, as water particles simply settle in a mouth. Besides, the burning steam provokes kashlevy a reflex.

Nebulayzer - excellent modern replacement кастрюльке with boiled potatoes. It is the inhaler of new generation using midget disperse dispersion of medicinal substance which through a mask or a respiratory tube moves to the patient. The word "nebula" is translated as "cloudlet". Thanks to that the substance is sprayed on midget particles, medicine gets to all departments of respiratory system and is quickly acquired. The most pleasant that today the nebulayzer can get for itself any wishing - the device is compact and simple in use.

In traditional medicine there is a large quantity of the means, helping to cure cough in house conditions. To trust them or not - a choice of each person. Brazilians, for example, pass ripe bananas through a sieve, then put polished weight in a pan with hot water in a proportion 2 bananas on 1 cup of water with sugar. Again warm up and drink this mix. In Europe in former years escaped for cough traditional hot chocolate. Besides, use of tinctures алтея, a solodka and an eucalyptus was always popular. Has well proved a way of treatment of cough as hot milk with honey (sometimes with oil or soda addition).

And in end it would be desirable to address to those who expects to cure cough in one day. Your hopes are realizable! But only in one case - if cough has been caused by the mechanical reason (suffocation, drowning, a foreign matter) and it is already eliminated. In other cases you will need patience and the help of the doctor.

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