Five of widespread STDDiseases, sexually transmitted (STD) are a group of infections, as the most frequent way of infection with which sexual contact acts. In domestic medicine such illnesses can be united in wide group of venereal diseases into which some diseases having additional ways of transfer (parenteralny, direct contact, vertical, however, do not enter). In Russia deliberate infection of other person with a venereal illness is a crime, and for this act criminal liability is established.
Give разберёмся, what "sores" are simplest for picking up to the person insufficiently attentively suitable to a question of a choice of the sexual partner.
Virus of papilloma of the person. About 75 % of people in the world at least once in life contacted to VPCh, after all more than 100 strains of this virus are known. It is transferred only from the person to the person, and harmful action directs on change of character of fabrics of an organism. The majority of representatives of its class possesses onkogenny properties, that is causes formation of good-quality or malignant tumours. Women have it, more often, a cancer of a neck of a uterus, at men - a cancer of a penis, a rotoglotka or almonds. As we already reported earlier, the vaccine from VPCh in recent years has been developed. It is especially effective for girls of 9-12 years, but well proves to be and in the senior age group. Today in Russia the vaktsinirovaniye of women from 9 to 26 years is authorised.
Clamidiosis. Statistically, annually this illness mentions lives of 100 million people around the world, and number of the people infected with hlamidiya, according to the most conservative estimates, reaches one billion. As a whole, from 5 to 15 % of young sexually active citizens face an illness. Hlamidy strike both external, and internal genitals, mucous respiratory ways, to intim of vessels and heart, a sinovialny vystilka of joints, teeth, organs of vision and hearing. In the absence of treatment the disease can become the infertility reason at women. Symptoms of clamidiosis appear in 3 weeks after sexual contact. More often, this burning at an urination and mucopurulent allocation from genitals. Plan of treatment takes 2-3 weeks, modern antibiotics, therefore a forecast favourable are applied.
Genitalny herpes. It is an infection caused by a virus of simple herpes (VPG). In 80 % of cases the disease is caused by type 2 VPG, in 20 % of cases - type 1 VPG. It should be noted that VPG of type 1 is the causative agent of simple herpes (so-called "cold" on lips). The disease is observed approximately at 20 % of adult people. The incubatory period of primary genitalny herpes fluctuates from 1 to 26 days (more often 2-10 days). Main symptoms: burning in genitals and emergence of the vials filled with liquid which, bursting, leave after itself small yazvochka. Wounds about 2 weeks begin to live. The heaviest complication of a disease is herpes of newborns which can cause death of the child or permanent neurologic violations. Treatment effective, with use of antiviral preparations.
Trichomoniasis. According to World Health Organization for 1999, 10 % of the population of the globe hurt trichomoniasis. The illness annually is registered at 170 million inhabitants of a planet. The irritation, reddening of genitals, an itch and sharp pain belong to symptoms vaginalny allocation with an unpleasant smell, at an urination. At the majority of men the disease proceeds bessimptomno, symptoms of prostatitis and strong burning are sometimes observed. Trichomoniasis can cause a vulva and crotch inflammation in women with hypostasis of vulvar lips. Occasionally there are complications, including бартолинит, скинеит and cystitis. Men have the most frequent complication of trichomoniasis - prostatitis. The disease is dangerous, first of all, serious consequences to girls in the form of infertility, pathology of pregnancy or premature birth, and also the birth of children with low weight.
Gonorrhoea. The disease is shown in 3-7 days after infection. It proceeds sharply or chronically. Sharp gonorrhoea is characterised by allocation of colourless slime, pus, feeling of a shchekotaniye, burning and pain in the urethral channel, frequent desires to an urination, very painful. However 50 % of carriers of gonorrhoea can not suspect at all that have fallen ill, especially at first. Most often the asymptomatic current is observed at women. At gonorrhoea mucous membranes of sexual ways, a rectum, a conjunctiva (in that case the illness is called бленнорея) are surprised. An illness it becomes very frequent the infertility reason. Treatment of gonorrhoea is reduced to application of a course of antibiotics.
Certainly, there are also others, not less dangerous, types of STD, among which syphilis, HIV and even pubic louses. For this reason it is necessary to remember that optimum strategy of behaviour for any person is STD prevention, instead of their subsequent treatment.

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