Allergy to ChristmasIt is difficult to us to present New Year's holidays without a fir-tree, tinsel, toys, gifts and all food. Meanwhile, the periodical of MailOnline reports about the 48-year-old accountant by name of Donna Hindley (Donna Hindley) for whom all these outwardly harmless attributes of fun became a source of real danger. The most part of December the woman suffers from the strongest hay fever which is quite often forcing it to lay down in hospital.
Mrs. Hindley has an allergy to needles, pollen and a mould which are found on a New Year's tree. The woman also does not transfer latex because of what the artificial fir-tree cannot replace in her house real, after all long stay near the green beauty is capable to lead to a lethal outcome. Donna never decorates a fir-tree as a dust and microparticles of tinsel, toys, spangles, festive wreaths, balloons and other elements of a New Year's decor instantly cause hay fever to life. A festive table for the woman prepare according to individual recipes. The traditional Christmas turkey is too dangerous to Mrs. Hindley as at the last the acute reaction on oil is observed. Various puddings, after all at Donna an allergy to sauces do not approach as an entertainment and pies with forcemeat, and. For the same reason all vegetables for it submit in the scalded look without any seasonings and additives.
The most terrifying New Year's stories in Donna Hindley's life are connected just with food intake. For example, once, by ridiculous accident, the friends who have been well informed on problems of the guest, by mistake have offered it instead of a toast with sausage snack with cheese which the woman is afraid not less, than fir-trees and tinsel. Donna in the same second has fallen down a floor in an attack of anafilaktichesky shock. It is known that this reaction of immediate type in 10-20 % of cases comes to an end letalno. At the unfortunate have swelled up a mouth and lips, she practically could not breathe. The ambulance delivered the victim in clinic where that has spent some days. And this case far not unique in the list of New Year's hospitalisation of Donna Hindley.
Surprisingly, but in youth Donna was not subject to the allergies, moderate reaction of an organism caused unless some types of nuts. Problems have begun 13 years ago when on one of children's holidays at Hindley the bad attack caused by an abundance of latex ornaments has unexpectedly developed. After that other phenomena and the subjects surrounding the woman have started to provoke fever. The test made at the address to clinic, has shown positive reaction on 53 of 54 possible allergens.
«To endure Christmas it is especially difficult for me, - Donna tells. - After all this most "sociable" season. On the one hand, I do not want to subject myself superfluous danger, with another - it is awkward to deliver inconvenience to friends, at many of which there are pets, flowers, New Year trees with ornaments and the other things posing for me threat. So, if someone will invite me to a holiday, I, most likely, having pushed the head through a crack at doors, I will tell all «Hello!» and right there I will run away, as in any flat for certain there is something, on what I have an allergy. In this sense it is much safer to stay at home». By itself, Donna cannot afflict the children and the husband therefore annually divides with them a Christmas dinner and unpacks the gifts combined under a fir-tree. However during this moment she especially strongly coughs and sneezes. But even it is not capable to break Donna Hindley who admits that still very much tries to enjoy a holiday.

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