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How to cure coughSo, if you have become interested in a question of how to cure cough, therefore, this unpleasant symptom haunts you or your relatives. First of all, we recommend to define, what of numerous types of cough you have faced, as the choice of optimum treatment will depend on it. Let's remind that simply cough divide into two groups: productive (with a phlegm) and unproductive (dry). The main treatment of dry cough is directed on translating "useless" Continue reading

Allergy to ChristmasIt is difficult to us to present New Year's holidays without a fir-tree, tinsel, toys, gifts and all food. Meanwhile, the periodical of MailOnline reports about the 48-year-old accountant by name of Donna Hindley (Donna Hindley) for whom all these outwardly harmless attributes of fun became a source of real danger. The most part of December the woman suffers from the strongest hay fever which is quite often forcing it to lay down in hospital.
Mrs. Continue reading

Five of widespread STDDiseases, sexually transmitted (STD) are a group of infections, as the most frequent way of infection with which sexual contact acts. In domestic medicine such illnesses can be united in wide group of venereal diseases into which some diseases having additional ways of transfer (parenteralny, direct contact, vertical, however, do not enter). In Russia deliberate infection of other person with a venereal illness is a crime, and for this act criminal Continue reading

Myths about chewing gumIn 1848 the American businessman John Curtis has adjusted production of chewing gum of own invention, and at the end of the XIX century the cud which as it was told in advertising, «prevents destruction of teeth» for the first time has been presented. Today's producers have nearby left from the predecessors because of what still build the advertising companies of the product on attempts to prove its utility for an oral cavity. The majority of people, Continue reading

ProductsIn 2010 researchers from Stomatologic school of University Bristol have tried to define, what products are the most harmful to teeth. It has appeared that, for example, lemons habitual to us and fruit teas harmful influence a condition of enamel and destroy it because of presence at their structure of a large amount of acids. The same harm oral cavities put white wine and power drinks. Energizers and some anaesthetising preparations on the basis Continue reading