Syndrome of a night overeatingOne daily habits help to keep health, beauty and youth, others only take away them. Nobody will argue that is necessary to brush teeth, look after regularly nails, hair and skin, in the same way it is impossible to deny advantage of an easy charging, pedestrian walks or, for example, water procedures. Absolutely differently business is with a habit to overeat for the night or directly at night. In psychiatry the opinion has become stronger that, as a rule, night eaters are persons with a chronic stress or the heavy complex of fault generating dependence on sweet and farinaceous dishes. The disturbing feeling causing importunate «a sosaniye in the pit of the stomach», forces the person to get out from under a blanket and to go on kitchen in search of a food. Without sweet sufferers cannot fall asleep, after all for them are for this purpose necessary a happiness hormone серотонин and a full stomach.
Many years researchers have been convinced that a night food is badly reflected in our weight because in a night-time the organism is not capable to process a calorie with necessary speed. It indeed so: digestion (as well as other physiological processes) is slowed down at night, and the metabolism proceeds extremely slowly. Got in these hours per a stomach the food is digested during a dream very long. Due to the slowed-down process of a metabolism and lack of the activity, developed calories are not burnt, and start to be put by in the form of fatty deposits. Meanwhile, not so long ago English scientists have put forward a hypothesis according to which time of food intake does not play an essential role in the course of a set of excess weight. Everything has put, in their opinion, that at night so-called "stoplight" of the stomach notifying on saturation, works much worse, than in the afternoon. As a result people quite often overeat, that without noticing.
There is nothing bad in rare instances transfer of a dinner for later time because of delays on work or in periodic night feasts. On the other hand, if перекусы before going to bed became regularity, has come it is time to prick up the ears. In this case it is important to know about the main signs of a syndrome of a night overeating:
• Morning anorexia - unwillingness to have breakfast and total absence of appetite in the morning. Sometimes the nausea appearing directly after a dream joins it.
• Emergence of unpleasant emotions, sense of guilt and concern during food intake.
• Regular перекусы in the evening, night attacks on the refrigerator.
• Awakenings from a dream, being accompanied desire to have a bite.
• The become frequent cases of sudden emergence of depressions, flashes of discontent, aggression and nervousness.
• The person prefers the products containing sugar and starch.
• After 19:00 about 80 % of all daily calories are consumed.
• Emergence of problems with dream and a zasypaniye which decide most easier by means of extraordinary перекуса.
To understand that, from where «feet» at this syndrome scientists grow while plainly could not, but nevertheless have noticed that at people suffering from an illness levels of hormones of melatonin (responsible for a dream), a cortisol and лептина (a stress supervising suppression and hunger) are lowered.
To fight against attacks of an evening gluttony it is hard, but there are some general councils facilitating a way of disposal from night «food dependence»:
• planning of a day diet and daily caloric content of food;
• lack of big breaks between food (lungs перекусы each 2-3 hours);
• eat at the table, without distracting on TV viewing, reading and other extraneous occupations - concentrate on food;
• пережёвывайте I peep carefully to feel sense of fulness in time;
• accustom itself to have breakfast, whenever possible beautifully serve for this purpose a table;
• after a dinner it is necessary to brush teeth is a not only hygienic procedure, but also psychological reception which «closes a mouth» for the night;
• do not forget to drink water during the day, and here amount of alcohol reduce - it kindles appetite;
• the last food intake should be no later than in 2-3 hours prior to a dream;
• if the desire to chew arises during TV viewing in the evening, distract itself during this moment another matter - start to knit, iron or, for example, to twist a velosimulator pedal;
• do not come without need into sweet shops and bakeries shops, coming back in the evening from work;
• make before going to bed small walk;
• if to have a bite at bedtime to you meanwhile nevertheless it is necessary, prefer products with the low content of sugar which are easily acquired (for example, to vegetables). It is possible to drink a kefir or berry juice glass.

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