Treatment in house conditions, or Fast at homeDuring holidays the ambulance can and be late for the reasons independent of it (a bad condition of the road, a stopper, a large number of addresses, road accident on the way, etc.). Therefore it is extremely important to be able competently and in due time to render first aid to itself or the relatives who have got to trouble. Sometimes life so the main thing - not to become puzzled in a stressful situation depends on it and to be ready to everything.

If you have poisoned with an alcohol substitute

Unfortunately, long feasts are fraught with danger to poison with alcohol substitutes that quite often leads to a lethal outcome. Substitutes of alcohol share on two main groups: the preparations containing ethyl alcohol (for example, false vodka, polish, cologne) and the technical liquids which are not containing ethyl alcohol (acetone, methyl alcohol). Poisoning is shown by a podtashnivaniye, in 1-2 days intoxication symptoms accrue (belly-aches, vomiting, a headache, dizziness, ikronozhny muscle pain, flashing of "front sights" before eyes), the consciousness is confused, is possible development of spasms, tachycardia and increase of arterial pressure with the subsequent transition to a coma.

Treatment in house conditions:

    • to wash out a stomach;
    • to give salt laxative (1-2 tablespoons of salt on 1стакан waters);
    • if it is precisely known that the person has poisoned with methyl alcohol, to give a small amount of alcohol (50 ml) as it is a little will detain methanol decomposition on poisonous substances and will facilitate a condition of the patient to arrival of the doctor;
    • if the unconscious person to lay it without a pillow sideways, with lowered headfirst for an exception of hit of emetic masses in respiratory ways;
    • urgently to cause the fast.

If you it is simple «have touched superfluous» on a yesterday's festive feast: in the morning, without getting up, make fingers vigorous massage of a hair part of the head, the person, ears and some slow roundabouts the head. drink a cranberry berry juice or 1л warm water in which juice of 1 average lemon is squeezed out, and for a dinner prepare an easy meat broth. During the day in each hour drink on 1стакану alkaline mineral water.

How to wash out a house stomach

In house conditions it is possible to wash out a stomach before arrival "fast" without the aid of a probe, and by artificial calling of vomiting. (This way still call «a restaurant method» since before revolution it has been very widespread in restaurants at assistance to the drunk too much clients).

For this purpose it is necessary to drink 1-2 l of warm solution of soda (on 1 l - 2 tablespoons of soda) or salty water (on 1 l - 3 tablespoons of salt) Then, irritating with a finger or a teaspoon a root of language or a back wall of a throat, to cause vomiting. It is possible to repeat this procedure of 3-5 times then it is useful to drink strong infusion of a chemist's camomile (on 1 glass of boiled water - 1 tablespoon of flowers of a camomile).

Pay attention: it is impossible to wash out a stomach, if the unconscious person.

If you have choked

Often in an everyday life we are threatened by asthma when the foreign matter gets to the top respiratory ways. Simply speaking, if «the piece has got not to that throat». It can be everything: from a fish stone to incorrectly swallowed tablet.

Usually the victim has issinya-red complexion, holds hands a throat and cannot speak and breathe. Important in such situation to be able to render correctly treatment in house conditions (especially if concerns children), having used a technique of doctor Henry Geymlikh, differently the victim can choke before arrival of "fast".

We apply Geymlikh's method in a standing position:

    • Become behind the back of the victim, having clasped it hands.
    • Compress one hand in a fist and that party where a thumb, put it on a stomach of the victim at level between a navel and costal arches (in so-called epigastralny area of a stomach).
    • Palm of other hand put over a fist and a fast push up press a fist into a stomach (thus hands need to be bent sharply in elbows, but a thorax of the victim not to squeeze).
    • Repeat reception to an exit of a foreign matter and emergence of breath.

Pay attention: never it is impossible to knock on a back: the got stuck piece can fail even more deeply! Surely address to the doctor, even at a favourable outcome.

If you have choked, and nearby anybody is not present, lean on strong standing horizontal subject (a chair, a table corner, a handrail, etc.) and make a push in the direction up in epigastralny area.

If you have an injury of an eye

Even the most insignificant injury of eyes can lead to sight deterioration. During winter time the risk of a bruise or a stupid injury of an eye to what can lead blow a snowball, casual hit of a stopper from a bottle or unsuccessful falling on ice increases. In 50 % of cases similar injuries of an eye come to an end with a unilateral blindness.

Treatment in house conditions at a stupid injury of an eye:

    • eye it is impossible to rub (it will cause irritation, in addition you can bring an infection);
    • (for example, a part of snow or a fragment of a dry branch) it is necessary to remove a foreign matter with a sterile dry tampon or a corner of a pure handkerchief. For this purpose the lower eyelid should be delayed down (or to turn out top), to clean an alien subject, then to wash out an eye warm freshly brewed tea;
    • to dig 2-3 drops of albucid (сульфацила sodium).

Pay attention: to dig in eyes it is necessary competently - to wash up carefully hands before an instillation, to dig in at the same time in each eye no more than 1 drop, and after an instillation to lie down blindly 5-7 minutes, having removed the remains of drops since a century with a pure napkin or a wadded ball.

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