Public discussion «Right of the pedestrian»On a project site «Safe roads» can be found statistics of breakdown rate for 2010. According to the presented data, in the Russian Federation during this time there were 199 431 road accident as a result of which 26 567 people were lost, and 250 635 have got wounds. 11 845 road accidents have occurred because of the drivers who were at a wheel in a state of intoxication, as a result of these incidents of 1 954 person were lost, and 17 280 have got wounds. Besides, there were 20 262 road accidents to participation of children in which 898 kids were lost, and 21 149 have got wounds.

On a note:

  • Most of all road incidents to children within a year occurs in April-May and September-October
  • Within days the most travmoopasny time - the second half of day
  • Most of all children suffer from road incidents from 7 to 14 years
  • Young pedestrians (53 %), cyclists (7 %), children passengers (36 %) have most often an accident
  • 9 % of accidents on the road occur to children near school
  • 65 % of cases of road accident occur to children about the house.
  • 50 % of accidents occur during transition by street children

Here about it just also it is necessary to talk in detail. Not the secret that powerful number of road accident occurs around crosswalks, and traffic regulations break here both pedestrians, and drivers of motor transport.

The most frequent reasons of road accident when crossing the street:

  • Exit to the carriageway in an unstated place before close going transport
  • Prompt crossing of the road on "zebra" without an assessment of a road situation (not everyone is accustomed to stop, attentively examining the road and being convinced that concede to it)
  • Exit to the carriageway because of the bus, a trolleybus or other large-sized transport blocking the review to other cars (the same treats an exit to the road because of a bush or snowdrifts)
  • Game on the carriageway
  • Walking on the carriageway (even at existence by a number of the sidewalk many are accustomed to go on the carriageway).

However it is not necessary to think that the pedestrian is guilty only, after all motorists too are not always right. It is known that many of them like to pass on forbidding signal of a traffic light and to exceed speed, and here to pass someone on "zebra" - do not want.

Whether the barrier is necessary on a traffic light? The deputy head of department of legal regulation and promotion of safety of traffic ГУОБДД of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia the colonel of police Vladimir Shevchenko considers that the terrifying situation on the Russian roads is a consequence of absence of culture and mutual respect. In this regard in February, 2012 the State traffic inspectorate has suggested all participants of traffic to express the opinion on how it is possible to improve a situation with breakdown rate with participation of pedestrians. On an official Internet site of the organisation Public discussion «The right of the pedestrian» has been open. Take part in discussion any wishing can.

«Participants of traffic have responded to the offer of the State traffic inspectorate to participate in public discussion «The right of the pedestrian» and actively send the offers on modification of standards and standards on safety. One of participants suggests to place the sign "Crosswalk" not only on a roadside, but also over the carriageway, is direct over transition, especially on the roads having three and more strips in one direction. Another urges to equip all crosswalks with traffic lights and video registrars. It is expensive, but, in his opinion, guarantees result», - quotes Shevchenko RIA Novosti news agency portal.

Between ordinary pedestrians and drivers of motor transport the real fight was developed. In particular, the Federation of car owners of Russia has suggested to raise penalties for pedestrians for carriageway transition in not put place to 3 thousand rubles. In reply to it from the last the offer has arrived to equip transitions not only video registrars, but also barriers. According to the angry inhabitants of the country, it is only way to force self-confident car owners to pass people on "zebra". Besides, the offer has been stated to establish at each noncontrollable crosswalk the plate with an inscription «Be convinced that for you make way». It is supposed that this phrase will force the inattentive pedestrian to look on the parties before crossing the road.

As reports an official site of traffic police of Russia, participants of traffic have already sent to the State traffic inspectorate over 150 thousand responses with ideas on increase in safety of pedestrians. It is expected that the most rational offers will be used when amending the relevant normative documents.

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