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Public discussion «Right of the pedestrian»On a project site «Safe roads» can be found statistics of breakdown rate for 2010. According to the presented data, in the Russian Federation during this time there were 199 431 road accident as a result of which 26 567 people were lost, and 250 635 have got wounds. 11 845 road accidents have occurred because of the drivers who were at a wheel in a state of intoxication, as a result of these incidents of 1 954 person were lost, and 17 280 have got Continue reading

Carefully: dangerous winterWith arrival of bitter cold health hazard increases. During this period nobody is insured from the general overcooling of an organism or frostbite, changes or a failure under ice. Therefore it is important to observe elementary security measures and if there was a trouble - to be able correctly to render first aid.

General overcooling of an organism

Comes, when body temperature of the person under the influence of cold air or cold water falls Continue reading

Treatment in house conditions, or Fast at homeDuring holidays the ambulance can and be late for the reasons independent of it (a bad condition of the road, a stopper, a large number of addresses, road accident on the way, etc.). Therefore it is extremely important to be able competently and in due time to render first aid to itself or the relatives who have got to trouble. Sometimes life so the main thing - not to become puzzled in a stressful situation depends on it and to be ready to everything.

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We process a wound correctlyInsignificant wounds (cuts, scratches) make at least the one fifth all traumas which are received by the person. They are characterised by bleeding of a certain force and defeat superficial слоёв skin and fabrics of various depth. Especially often all grazes and scratches "accompany" the small children who have not got used yet to be accurate and reasonable. It would seem, what can be simpler, than process such wound? All know an approximate Continue reading