Teeth in aerated water: shocking experiments of stomatologistsEvery day the person drinks on the average 2 litres of liquid. And though long ago it is proved that there is nothing more usefully than pure mineral water, people all the same keep in refrigerators a set of other drinks, including, aerated. Unfortunately, these hissing liquids are absolutely useless for our organism, moreover, they not only do not bring advantage, but also are injurious to health. Thus, than more often and you drink sweet aerated water more, the defeat area is more large-scale than subjects.

On eyes design and research work of the schoolgirl of the 9th class of one of comprehensive schools of Moscow has got to us. The girl has interviewed among pupils of 5-11 classes in which, as a result, have appeared 280 people are involved. They were offered to answer the following questions:

  • you take the aerated drinks? If "yes", how it is frequent?
  • You like to drink what drinks?
  • Why you drink them?
  • How you think it harmfully? If "yes", than?
  • Describe influence of drinks on an organism.

Results have appeared pitiable. According to the received data, 87 % of pupils used aerated water, and 16 % from them did it daily. Unfortunately, only 7 % of children have declared that know about harmful effects of drinks on an organism.

Among the most widespread reasons of hobby for aerated water:

  • advertising of drinks;
  • them drink abroad;
  • it is fashionable;
  • satisfies thirst;
  • pleasant taste;
  • aerated water takes off fatigue and drowsiness, adds energy.

The most favourite drinks of school students according to poll:
1. Coca-Cola (79 %);
2. Forfeit (63 %);
3. Lemonade (39 %);
4. Sprite (37 %);
5. Other drinks (24 %).

Aerated water and teeth. Lemonade contains sugar and the acid which is negatively influencing a mouth. Both components destroy enamel and lead to caries development. Carbon dioxide in such drinks is harmless only in small amounts. Enamel will inevitably suffer from high concentration, and teeth becomes sensitive to cold and hot. Regardless of what drink we use, a domestic production or import, sweet or simply water with gas, the shipuchka mechanism at all identical: this effect of ortofosforny or carbonic acid. Tooth enamel generally consists of a hydroxyapatite, substance which under the influence of these acids starts to collapse. In fact, enamel is simply dissolved. Remember: a milk teeth is more subject to an adverse effect, than teeth of the adult person.

Not to be unfounded, some stomatologists have decided to check validity of the hypotheses in practice. For example, Maria Imshenetskaya, the dentist of the Kiev clinic "Portselyan" has undertaken to estimate not so long ago impact on Coca-Cola teeth, Forfeits, power Burn drink, Borjomi water and flowing water from under the crane. The photoreport on its 18-day research you can see lower. The essence of experiment was that the doctor placed the extracted milk and second teeth in vessels with the listed liquids.

Teeth in aerated water: shocking experiments of stomatologistsTooth after 18 days in Coca-Cola, the Forfeit and Burn. Enamel and a tsementirovanny surface of tooth, and also a neck and carious cavities were deeply painted. Erozivny changes on enamel surfaces were accurately designated, there was a demineralizatsiya that especially well it is visible on cuts of teeth. Even at easy carrying out by a probe on an enamel surface, it acts in film and crumbles as oil.

Teeth in aerated water: shocking experiments of stomatologistsTooth after 18 days in "Borjomi" and flowing water. Any visible changes to it has not occurred, except for insignificant clarification of enamel.

Similar experiences were carried out by the American researchers, sure that Coca-Cola is capable to dissolve tooth for one night. To confirm this hypothesis to stomatologists it was not possible, but they have once again proved - aerated water perniciously affects enamel.

Teeth in aerated water: shocking experiments of stomatologistsOn July 26, 2011 scientists have placed a milk tooth of the 8-year-old boy in capacity with Coca-Cola.

Teeth in aerated water: shocking experiments of stomatologists After 12 hours of stay in "solution" tooth was not dissolved, but external changes were in a face.

Teeth in aerated water: shocking experiments of stomatologistsAfter 11 nights in aerated water зубик still kept integrity, but him was not to recognise any more.

In this regard we remind: if drink aerated water, do not hold it in a mouth too long, and it is best of all - take drink through a tubule to reduce its contact to teeth.

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