How to cure stomatitisStomatitis is one of most often meeting inflammatory processes of an oral cavity. It can be both an independent disease, and complication, manifestation of other illnesses (scarlet fever, measles, even flu). Pathology mentions a mucous membrane of a mouth, a lip, language or the sky more often. However many experts agree in opinion that any of stomatologic diseases has no so various manifestation and such extensive quantity of the reasons, as stomatitis. Below we will tell about some reasons, symptoms and about that how to treat stomatitis.

The reasons of stomatitis would need to be sorted on the following subgroups:
• Stomatitises of a traumatic origin (reason: mechanical, chemical, thermal or physical damage of an oral cavity, sharp or influencing long time).
• Infectious stomatitises (reason: virus, bacterial, fungoid infections).
• Allergic stomatitises (reason: allergic reaction).
• Stomatitises at system diseases (the reason: the hypo - and avitaminosis, endocrine diseases, violations of system of blood, immune insufficiency, diseases of a gastroenteric path).

The separate attention is deserved by the stomatitises arising at stomatologic problems. In this case the reasons of an illness are non-compliance by the patient of hygiene of an oral cavity, the plentiful tooth deposits destroyed or a painful teeth, oral cavity dysbacteriosis. The indirect factors provoking development of a disease, smoking, reception of some medicines (reducing salivation) and a helminthic invasion act also. Poor made or badly established dentures can play a fatal role.

It is important! Toothpastes and cleaners for an oral cavity, containing a lauryl sodium sulphate (LSN is applied in them to formation of foam) can become the reason of stomatitis. Use of the products containing this substance, speeds up recurrence of a described disease.

Stomatitis symptoms. At stomatitis the mucous membrane of a mouth becomes edematous, painful, hyperemic, it can be covered with a white or yellow raid. The gipersalivatsiya (raised salivation) is noted. Bleeding of gums and a fetid odour from a mouth can take place. On inside of lips and cheeks, at the bottom of a mouth, under language, on a soft palate and in the field of almonds there are yazvochka. In the beginning they prove as small reddenings on mucous, the patient feels unpleasant burning in this area. Further on their place there is a single roundish or oval ulcer with equal edges and the red aura, covered with the thin, leaky attached white or grayish film. Yazvochki are very painful, often prevent to accept food and complicate movements of language and lips.

The disease usually passes in time from 4 to 14 days. Healing goes quietly more often, after it does not remain any traces. If you have had once stomatitis, the probability of repetition of a disease is very great, though frequency of these repetitions extremely floatingly.

On clinical manifestation stomatitises are divided on:
• catarrhal (the easiest form, are sometimes limited to puffiness and morbidity of an oral cavity, are characterised by defeat of a blanket of a mucous membrane);
• ulcer (all thickness mucous is surprised, there are ulcers);
• aftozny (a chronic inflammation, individual or multiple aftoznozny ulcers on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity especially big and deep, sometimes rash).

The most interesting is the question - how to treat stomatitis. Depending on a type of stomatitis treatment can be carried out by antiviral, antifungoid or other preparations. The doctor-therapist or the stomatologist will help to define a type of defeat. However usually it is not required to any specific therapy, enough to be limited to a sparing diet and frequent rinsings of an oral cavity. From folk remedies of treatment of stomatitis at the child and the adult not bad was recommended by camomile and calendula infusions, solutions of honey and baking soda (for rinsing). Some Internet portals recommend to grease ulcers with iodine or brilliant green. We hurry to assure you that such it is impossible to do by no means as these means are capable to cause the strongest burn of the mucous.

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