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How to cure stomatitisStomatitis is one of most often meeting inflammatory processes of an oral cavity. It can be both an independent disease, and complication, manifestation of other illnesses (scarlet fever, measles, even flu). Pathology mentions a mucous membrane of a mouth, a lip, language or the sky more often. However many experts agree in opinion that any of stomatologic diseases has no so various manifestation and such extensive quantity of the reasons, as Continue reading

Teeth in aerated water: shocking experiments of stomatologistsEvery day the person drinks on the average 2 litres of liquid. And though long ago it is proved that there is nothing more usefully than pure mineral water, people all the same keep in refrigerators a set of other drinks, including, aerated. Unfortunately, these hissing liquids are absolutely useless for our organism, moreover, they not only do not bring advantage, but also are injurious to health. Thus, than more often and you drink sweet aerated Continue reading