Treatment of eels: recipe of ideal skinSpots once again try to spoil to you life? It is a high time to be engaged in the solution of this problem. For a start, approach to a mirror and attentively consider uninvited guests. The first step on a way to disposal of the bothered vysypaniye - precisely to define, with what you deal.

So, here that we can see:

Not inflamed spots represent the corked hair follicles filled with skin fat. Their size does not exceed 1-2 mm, and outwardly such educations are similar black or white points:

  • Black points. These are the corked hair follicles which mouth is expanded and closed by horn masses, like a stopper. That is such education consists of vydeleniye of sebaceous glands and died-off cells of skin. Thus the horn stopper has black colour, but not from dirt as it is considered to be, and from chemical reaction тирозина with oxygen as a result of which melanin (a black pigment) is formed.
  • White small knots. These are the corked hair follicles which mouth, on the contrary, is narrowed or closed. White colour is caused by contents of a spot appearing through through skin (skin fat).

The inflamed spots are characterised by red colour and larger sizes (from several millimetres to 1-2 cm), often happen are filled with pus.

  • Small red spots. Their sizes do not exceed 0,5 see. After permission of such eels there can be small hems. Papula look like the red inflamed small knot and are formed as a result of immune reaction of an organism to bacteria.
  • Large red knot. In fact, the same that the small spot, but is much larger (more than 0,5 see). It is formed as a result of a rupture of a capsule of a small spot (often after attempts it to squeeze out) that leads to contents exit in deep layers terms and to inflammation development. Quite often after permission of such eels there are hems.
  • Vial with purulent contents (пустула). It is formed as a result of the active involvement of bacteria leading to formation of pus which consists of the lost microorganisms and protective cells (lymphocytes) of the person. Outwardly this spot represents a certain symbiosis of a white small knot and red папулы, that is you will see a vial towering over skin with pus round which the scarlet aura of an inflammation is observed.

If you have struck a considerable part of face skin (a forehead, whisky, cheeks, a nose, nosogubny folds, a chin), necks, the top part of a breast and a back if the majority of spots are inflamed (and their more than 40), the problem is more serious, than can seem at first sight. In this case at your service article «Eels not a reason for jokes» from which you learn about the reasons of emergence of spots and necessary treatment. As to the easy vysypaniye which are periodically disturbing practically each person, it is possible to try to get rid of them independently.

The main thing governed: not to squeeze out spots! About it doctors-dermatologists shout very loudly, long ago and unfortunately without results. Even those patients who perfectly know that, having squeezed out a spot, only provoke development of infections and an inflammation, all the same continue to be engaged in it. Meanwhile, pressure which you render on папулу, leads to break under capsule skin with pus. Contents "pour out" in deep layers terms and promote illness distribution, and the formed wound literally "draws" bacteria and infections.

As it is correct to open a spot. If the situation critical to open a spot nevertheless it is possible (to open, instead of to squeeze out!). It is important to know that such operation is authorised to be made only with the eels towering over a surface of skin (that is inflamed). Manipulations demand a certain patience and composure so if are not sure of itself, entrust laborious business to the expert better. In house conditions it is necessary:

  1. To wash up hands
  2. To disinfect skin round a spot (iodine, any spirit solution or antiseptics from a drugstore will approach)
  3. To take a disposable sterile needle (from packing with syringes)
  4. To open a spot, having made a sliding puncture (not to enter at all a needle deep into - to pick up it only the most top layer of skin). The needle is necessary for entering in the direction from the bottom lateral surface of a spot to its centre to provide pus outflow. After you have picked up a needle skin - tear it, having opened with that папулу. Now the corked time is open, and pus will easily leave, without provoking an inflammation.
  5. Again to disinfect skin round a spot.

Do not forget that the person - a zone with a plentiful blood-groove, and awkward actions can easily provoke infection and other complications. If are afraid to open a spot - address to the dermatologist.

How to remove pus, without opening a spot? Sometimes it happens that the spot with purulent contents in any way does not want to leave on a surface and "hides" in skin, without towering over it. It will not turn out to open such education, but to remove from it the collected contents it is all the same necessary. Here some ways:

  1. It is possible to use iodine. If to put it with a wadded tampon on a spot, the inflammation will leave within 3-4 days.
  2. If in the flat there is such plant as an aloe, it is possible to use a slice of its cut-off leaf. Remove a green thin skin on the one hand so that the pulp has appeared naked, put a leaf this party to a spot, fix a plaster with a strip of a bactericidal gauze. It is best of all to leave "compress" for the night as in this case you will feel considerable simplification in the morning.
  3. From 1 to 5 days it is required for pus "vymanivaniye" by means of ointment Vishnevsky (has an unpleasant smell). It is necessary to put ointment on a small pillow from sterile bandage which then put to a spot and fix a plaster.

Good advice:

  • To use means for washing on which there is a mark «for fat and problem skin».
  • To wipe the person after washing not a towel, and disposable paper napkins, to prevent repeated infection with bacteria.
  • To use ретиноиды for external application (Differin, Retinoyevaya ointment).
  • To consult with the doctor concerning reception of antibiotics (Erythromycin, Klindamitsin, Tetratsiklin).
  • Consultation of the gynecologist and possible purpose of the oral contraceptives reducing level of man's sexual hormones (and it and is the main provoker of ugrevy rash) is useful to girls.

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