How to get rid of dandruff: we expose shoulders to the best advantageFor much the joke saying that to win dandruff - a guillotine is known the best way. Most likely, it was thought up by absolutely despaired people living in those days when white "snow" on shoulders became an unsoluble problem. Today there is no reason to become despondent because of grayish чешуек, falling down from the head. And we will prove once again it, having told about how to get rid of dandruff.

Dandruff - very widespread problem which is especially actual at the end of winter. Some experts declare that every third woman faces it, others think more globally and speak about susceptibility to an illness of a half of the population of Russia. Anyway, with the uninvited guest who is filling up shoulders with white ashes, everyone is familiar practically.

What occurs? Epidermis of healthy head skin consists of 25-35 cellular layers. Passing the natural cycle, each cage moves from skin depths to a surface and peels. From formation of a cage to its otsloyeniye passes about a month. The epidermis, the struck dandruff, consists of only 10-15 layers. Process of renewal of cells of head skin is sharply accelerated, therefore new cages do not manage to become horny completely, stick together and peel in the form of appreciable flakes. We also see them in hair partings of hair and on clothes. The matter is that head skin (in a normal state) is covered with a special water and fatty layer which has sour reaction and by that protects us from microbes (getting on skin, they perish in the sour environment). However it happens so that harmful microorganisms nevertheless get into epidermis and actively there breed, as on the head there are the sebaceous glands feeding them. It starts the mechanism of formation of dandruff.

It is dangerous? Dandruff can be rather harmless manifestation or a symptom of such diseases as seborrhea, psoriasis and even otrubevidny deprive. The expressed violations of work of cells of head skin do roots of hair weak and result in fragility, dimness and a hair loss. Considering this fact, reinsurance - better to eradicate a problem at early stages will be not out of place, than to fight against its consequences. To cure dandruff in house conditions it is possible, if certainly it is not connected with other diseases and is not plentiful.

Two main reasons for plentiful dandruff. So, if you have noticed an easy peeling of the head skin, being accompanied an otshelushivaniye microscopic dry чешуек, it yet trouble, and only a sign of a lack of moisture. If on shoulders there are large grayish-white "lumps" of dandruff (more often fat), it is plentiful and accompanies you constantly, it already an occasion seriously to reflect. Scientists agree in opinion that in this case one of two problems, most likely, takes place:

  1. Fungoid defeat. Is caused by a microorganism of Pityrosporum Ovale which lives on head skin and makes a part of its natural microflora. At normal immunity and moderate production of skin fat it co-exists with the person quite peacefully, giving out to nothing the presence and smoothly. However failures in work of immune system instantly force a fungus to breed roughly. Its superfluous quantity accelerates process of updating of skin, as leads to emergence of dandruff.
  2. Seborrhea. A disease caused by frustration of a saloobrazovaniye and being shown by strengthening or reduction of development of a grease secret, and also change of its chemical composition. Perhaps, respectively, fat or dry. Depending on type of an illness which only the doctor precisely can define, different methods of treatment are applied. For example, at fat seborrhea it is necessary to wash the head every day (sometimes several times), and in a case with dry these actions only will do much harm, having finally deprived moisture skin.

How to get rid of dandruff?

To cure dandruff in house conditions, use the special shampoos clearing skin and containing acids (dairy, salicylic). More often their active ingredient possesses antifungoid effect. Less often to treatment of dandruff apply the shampoos capable directly to brake growth of cells of epidermis, and containing such substances, as zinc and selenium salts, sulphur. There are the means deleting excess of skin fat and reducing its production that is actual at dandruff treatment as a seborrhea or psoriasis symptom. They contain tar or the pitch received at processing of coal. Shampoos of new generation include a sodium ichthammol (distillate of slate oil) and the special mineraloproteinovy complexes strengthening blood circulation in epidermis and improving a food of a hair bulb.

  • Something about means «2 in 1»: The principle of influence of shampoo is based that normal habitat of hair and skin - subacidic. Washing means contains the alkali opening the top scaly layer of hair and dissolving fats. Conditioners applied after it, balms and masks as a result of oxidation nullify alkaline action, выглаживают hair and facilitate their combing. Many remember that alkali and acid will neutralise each other, and, therefore, means «2 in 1», both components containing at the same time, are neutral. By itself, they cannot "understand" when to wash, when to feed, and do everything at the same time, giving that fast, superficial and, by the way, very nondurable effect of clarification. For more careful leaving the separate means suitable to your structure of hair are recommended.

Apply the keratolitichesky means promoting an otshelushivaniye чешуек of a horn layer, for example, of 10 % sulfuric ointment (it rub in head skin). At raised production of fat recommend 60 % solution тиосульфата sodium, 2 % solution of salicylic acid, spirit solution of naftalansky oil or sulsenovy paste.

Do not dry hair the hair dryer, do not wash with too hot water, use a hairbrush from a natural tree.

Apply seboreguliruyushchy masks or lotions which are maintained on the head of 20-30 minutes. Their structure should include the following medical components: antimicrobic (пироктон оламин, tsinkopiritionaty), antifungoid (климбазол, кетоконазол), peeling (salicylic acid), keratolitichesky (removal of flakes / the top layer of epidermis, for example, it is grey), cytostatic (decrease in speed of reproduction of cages, for example, a selenium disulfide), extracts of herbs for irritation removal.

Take group A and B vitamins (after consultation of the dermatologist), enter into a diet vegetables, fruit, cereals. Dandruff - a frequent consequence of wearisome diets.

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