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Nails, part IV: Dark blue, red, brown nailsDark blue nails

Emergence of cyanotic colouring of a nail is traditional connected only with the various conditions associated with deficiency of oxygen. Nevertheless, a circle of the diseases leading to this symptom, essentially more widely. The differential diagnosis of dark blue colouring of a nail and/or surrounding fabrics is presented in table 6

Table 6

  1. Gipoksemiya (акроцианоз)
  2. Chronic intoxication compounds of silver (Argiry)
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In the previous parts we have in detail considered features and bases of the differential diagnosis of changes of a form and the sizes of nails. In two parts of the real work main types of change of colouring of a nail plate and the surrounding fabrics are presented, quite often helping not only it is correct to establish the diagnosis, but in certain cases, for example at timely detection of a polosovidny melanonikhiya, - in due time to distinguish Continue reading

How to get rid of dandruff: we expose shoulders to the best advantageFor much the joke saying that to win dandruff - a guillotine is known the best way. Most likely, it was thought up by absolutely despaired people living in those days when white "snow" on shoulders became an unsoluble problem. Today there is no reason to become despondent because of grayish чешуек, falling down from the head. And we will prove once again it, having told about how to get rid of dandruff.

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Treatment of eels: recipe of ideal skinSpots once again try to spoil to you life? It is a high time to be engaged in the solution of this problem. For a start, approach to a mirror and attentively consider uninvited guests. The first step on a way to disposal of the bothered vysypaniye - precisely to define, with what you deal.

So, here that we can see:

Not inflamed spots represent the corked hair follicles filled with skin fat. Their size does not exceed 1-2 mm, and outwardly such Continue reading