Undesirable cereal on a face or How to cure barley on an eye

On an eye at least time in life faces barley each person. More often it passes itself for some days, delivering considerable inconveniences of aesthetic character. Sometimes, in case of the wrong treatment, he demands surgical intervention. But if barley appears regularly, it is a disturbing signal: in an organism there is a source of a chronic infection with which it cannot independently consult (it there can be a tonsillitis, antritis, diseases of digestive organs, etc.)

What is such

Barley (lat. hordeolum) - an acute purulent inflammation of a hair sack of an eyelash or the sebaceous gland Tseysa located about a bulb of eyelashes. The reason of emergence of barley - a bacterial infection, more often - golden стафилококк.

Main symptoms of barley: reddening, an itch also has swelled edges of an eyelid, morbidity at a contact. In certain cases the headache, body temperature increase, increase in the lymph nodes located nearby, a general malaise can join them.

The people who are often subject to the general overcooling of an organism are inclined to barley, suffering endocrine violations and the chronic diseases of a gastroenteric path having in the anamnesis демодекоз (the illness caused by a parazitirovaniye of an opportunistic tick - zheleznitsa ugrevy), блефарит (a chronic inflammation of edge of eyelids).

Barley can be also internal, then it is called мейбомит. It proceeds less sharply, than usual barley, and is opened in a conjunctival bag. As a typical consequence мейбомита serves халязион - a chronic inflammation of a cartilage round meybomiyevy gland. It represents an outgrowth on a century to 2 mm, not causing painful feelings.

How to cure barley on an eye

Complex treatment of barley can appoint the doctor-ophthalmologist. Also consultation of the doctor-immunologist for this purpose can be necessary.

Ways of treatment of barley depend on a stage in which there is a disease. In an initial stage when on a century only there was a painful itching point, it needs to be cauterised tochechno several times a day 70-degree alcohol. It is also possible to wash out eyes light pink solution of manganese. 4-6 times a day to dig in eye drops albucid (on 1-2 drops in each eye). And to do lotions of broth of a flower of a calendula (fresh or dried). For its preparation it is necessary залить10 to flower g on 200 g of water, to finish to boiling, to cook 5 minutes, then let's be insisted 1 hour. The cooled broth to filter through some layers of a gauze. The wadded disks impregnated with it to put to an eyelid for 5-10 minutes every 2 hour.

In an infiltrate stage (inflammations without visible yellow a gnoynichka) local treatment in the form of ointments which structure includes antibiotics or sulfanilamidny preparations (for example, levometsetinovy eye ointment) and физиопроцедуры (is recommended to UVCh, tubusny quartz) which promote reduction of inflammatory process.

In a stage of formation of an abscess antibiotics appoint in or in the form of injections, along with all-strengthening means: biostimulators, vitamin and mineral complexes, etc. Correction of all revealed chronic centres of an infection in an organism is if necessary carried out, (for example, at chronic dekompensirovanny tonsillitis palatal almonds are subject to removal).

And here at inflammations of the big size, two and more, nearby or in case attempts to cure barley on an eye therapeutic methods do not give desirable results, without surgical intervention (opening and a drainage) not to manage. Therefore before it is better not to lead up.

For prevention of emergence of barley it is necessary to observe rules of personal hygiene of eyes strictly:

  • not to touch an eye dirty hands
  • not to use another's cosmetics when drawing a make-up and another's accessories (a brush for eyelashes, tweezers, etc.)
  • always to have individual means of personal hygiene (a towel, napkins and so forth)
  • to strengthen immunity during the winter and spring period (to eat it is balanced to use polyvitamins, regularly to happen in the open air to be engaged in a hardening)

Categorically it is impossible at barley:

1) to squeeze out it (it can lead to infection distribution, formation of phlegmon of an eye-socket, thrombosis of a kavernozny sine of a brain, meningitis and, as a result, even a lethal outcome)

2) to treat «the checked grandmother's method» - a spittle in an eye (a saliva - the fine soil for bacteria)

3) to heat by means of warm salt, boiled egg, a bag with tea, etc. (as warming procedures in completion of formation of barley promote expansion of blood vessels and pus with a current of blood can extend further).

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