Mans obesity: who is guilty?If at your man the tummy was considerably approximated, but thus it is not noticed in long lying on a sofa and beer absorption with chips in a large number, it is time to sound alarm! Probably, his excess weight is not connected not so with improper feeding. And the real responsible for a bad figure call very intricately - testosterone...

Most important hormone

Testosterone is the main man's sexual hormone. It is possible to tell, what exactly it does the man - the man in the standard sense of this word. It is responsible for development of secondary sexual signs (an ovoloseniye of axillary hollows, a stomach, a breast; possibility of carrying of a beard and moustaches; features of a structure of a body: narrow hips, big shoulders; more strongly expressed Adam's apple, than at women, etc.) and ability to a reproduction.

Testosterone is developed in small eggs. The beginning is process coincides with transition of the boy to the pubertatny period (from 13 to 18 years). Every year production of testosterone grows, reaching the highest point in 25-30 years. Then its production gradually decreases for 1-2 % a year so at the 80-year-old man it makes, on the average, only 40 % from that level what it had in 25 years.

Throughout all life level of testosterone influences functioning of almost all bodies of a man's organism. Scientists have proved that at men with low level of testosterone much higher to ache the risk with a hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other diseases. Also at them also life expectancy considerably decreases.

Age gipogonadizm

Such term has been offered by the International society on research of growing old men (ISSAM) for designation of the syndrome connected with ageing of men and syvorotochny testosterone who were characterised by deficiency. But if earlier this phenomenon was observed at men after 50 years, today to many patients with such diagnosis is not present and 35. Inhabitants of the USA are most subject to this disease, but also across Russia the statistics is already disturbing. Even more often it is possible to see on our streets of young men with a pot-belly, the drooped muscles of shoulders and wide hips. Such figure reminds female more likely and is similar to "pear". And here too has not done without some testosterone. As in a fatty fabric man's sexual hormones testosterone and андростендион turn into the female - эстрадиол and эстрон, it leads to decrease in the general level of man's sexual hormones in blood.

Here a number of simple diagnostic questions which it is necessary to answer the man, watching-over health:

  • You notice for yourselves recently decrease in working capacity?
  • You began a thicket to be nervous on trifles and to vent spleen upon relatives or colleagues?
  • You began to wake up often at night to descend in a toilet?
  • You feel, what you increase chest glands?
  • You regularly visit the sports hall, but it does not affect superfluous kg in any way?
  • At you the sexual desire was gone?
  • You have problems with conception of the child?

If at least you have answered three questions positively, is an occasion to address for medical care.

How to distinguish obesity?

Whether it is possible to define independently where figure simply spoilt by fast food comes to an end and obesity begins? Yes, and besides, without special expenses. It is rather simple to enter for a rule that your beloved monthly measured volume of the waist in usual tailor's centimetre. If the waist circle more than 94 cm, already tells it about obesity existence. And if it is more than 102 cm, the probability and that the organism does not have testosterone is great.

It immediately affects health of the man: it becomes irritable, badly sleeps, feels "inflow" (the person reddens, hands sweat), starts to grow bald and even more often happens «not at height» in a bed.

We make tests

Finally to be convinced, as far as everything is serious, to men who have problems with excess weight, doctors recommend not to sit down for a doubtful diet, and regularly to make the blood test on definition of level of the general testosterone.

Optimum time for delivery of this analysis: between from 7 to 11 o'clock in the afternoon. If as a result the indicator of the general testosterone fluctuates between 8 and 12 ??«?y/l, it is necessary to address urgently for consultation to the doctor-endocrinologist. It appoints repeated analyses, will correct a diet and will define, whether the replaceable gormonoterapiya medicines is necessary.

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