ManipulationIf ten years ago manipulation at us was considered as charlatanism at its finest, today many have rushed to it, as to panacea from all troubles. And extremes, as we know, do not lead up to good. Therefore it is extremely important to find "golden mean" in this question.

With what everything began

Manipulation (from Latin manus - "hand") - the system of manual receptions directed on elimination of painful manifestations, caused by changes in a backbone, joints, muscles and sheaves.

On the one hand, manipulation was familiar still to our great-great-grandfathers. Only it then was called as "kostopravstvo", and anywhere in this art did not train, and imparted knowledge from generation to generation. Another matter - the educated Europe where this phenomenon attentively studied, and then was based by the whole schools.

The first it was made by the American doctor Andrew Taylor Still. He was born in 1828 in a family of the Methodist priest and the doctor. In the childhood has resolved to follow in the footsteps of the father. After training to medicine it has taken part in civil war as the hospital attendant.
After in 1841 of three its small kids have died during meningitis epidemic, he completely was disappointed in traditional medicine and has seriously reflected, as it is possible to help people in a different way. He has devoted the next 30 years of life to studying of a structure of a human body and search of alternative ways of treatment Ball During this time it has passed a short course of medicine in medical and surgical college to Kansas City, the State of Missouri. It has been convinced that "the illness grows out of anatomic deviations with the subsequent physiological dissonance" and believed that by correction of anatomic shifts by means of osteopathic the technician, it is possible to return to an organism ability of normal functioning. Over time Steel has gained such experience in handling elimination of dysfunctions of skeletal and muscular system, what even has received the nickname "Kostoprav Molniya". Its views have created during this period base for a new approach in the medicine, today known as an osteopatiya. So, in 1892. Steel has organised in the State of Missouri, Osteopatiya's first-ever American School (today it is E.T.Still's University)

Method essence

Russia became the first country where manipulation have entered into the list of medical specialities as independent discipline. Doctors-neurologists who have proved that all diseases not from nerves, and from a backbone also have helped with it. After all the backbone is some kind of power column from which the nervous terminations connected with this or that body depart. And if somewhere the nerve is jammed, it is reflected at once in body which it "supervises".

For example, at an illness which became «a scourge of our century» - osteochondrosis - hryashchevy small pillows between disks which serve as shock-absorbers for a backbone are erased. No manualshchik can return to small pillows former thickness, but it is capable to strengthen with the help «imposings of hands» muscles and sheaves in this place that will allow to open vertebras.

Let's follow other example: pregnancy. After the delivery at women muscles of a pelvic bottom and a sheaf of a pubic joint that leads to a waist pains, giving to feet are stretched. And after all young mother should be all day standing, looking after the kid, erasing diapers, and a back constant pains can become an unpleasant hindrance. In this case without manipulation not to manage.

Procedures of manipulation resemble massage, but differ from it limited localisation of sites of application and the dosed-out force of influence. As the main contra-indications for carrying out manipulation serve:

  • oncological diseases,
  • osteoporosis,
  • tuberculosis,
  • acute infectious diseases,
  • recent injuries of a backbone and condition after a backbone operations,
  • inflammatory diseases of a spinal cord and its covers,
  • stroke,
  • heart attack,
  • mental diseases.

Where to address

It is very important not to be mistaken with a choice of the expert, after all manualny techniques difficult and unsafe: in case of a medical error of people it can forever appear in a wheelchair. First, the doctor should be on the first speciality "neurologist" or "orthopedist". If it in the past "surgeon" or "therapist", has to pass primary specialisation in manipulation within four months and after that - improvement courses, and only then to receive the corresponding certificate.

Secondly, it is better if it works in the public medical institution which has modern diagnostic base. Ideal option if at all this the manualny therapist still owns also methods of biopower correction: but it, as they say, charisma and it is extremely rare. One is unconditional: it is impossible to trust the back to "expert", which: your x-ray picture in the first day of the address does not look and does not ask about results of inspections.

Going on reception to the manualny therapist it is necessary to have with itself the following analyses: the electrocardiogram, the conclusion of the gynecologist (for women), the urologist (for men) and ultrasonography of an internal. It will allow to exclude other diseases and to reveal possible contra-indications for manualny techniques.

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