«Guess, in what ear at me rings?»Our ear catches sounds, instead of creates them, but sometimes it is possible to hear noise indoors where there is an absolute silence. Such "hindrances" remind a crash of badly adjusted radio receiver, high-frequency peep or persuasive hum. All these manifestations in a life often call «a ring in ears». As scientific designation of a problem the term "tinnitus" serves. Tinnitus is a feeling of noise, a ring, hum, buzz in the absence of external sound irritants. As a rule, the described feelings appear suddenly, in a silent situation, quite often amplify before going to bed.
The ring in ears can arise because of violations in any of four areas: external, middle, internal ear or brain. In other words, among doctors it is considered to be such noise a true symptom of pathology of one of these departments. In certain cases persuasive peep acts as a symptom of diseases of vessels of the head and a neck. In any case, if noise become regular, consultation of the expert is necessary.
If peeps in both ears:
• after influence of a loud sound (a concert, petard explosion, noisy production): the reason in temporary violation of work of an organ of hearing, an acoustic microtrauma. The problem disappears within an hour.
• after flight in the plane, parachute jump, occupation by diving: work of an organ of hearing is broken as a result of difference of atmospheric pressure, баротравмы. Dizziness and feeling of a zalozhennost in ears is possible.
• against reception of some drugs (for example, gentamycin, streptomycin, фуросемида, цисплатина): noise is a consequence of an ototoksichnost (an adverse effect on an organ of hearing) medicine, it is necessary for replacing.
Tinnitus is shown more often after the loud irritating sound, (sharp cotton in palms, petard explosion) has sounded. In ears the ring after visit can begin
concert at stadium or a football match. Has negative consequences long listening of a player on high loudness. Actually at noise in ears there are a lot of reasons that practically each of us at least several times in life heard it.
The ring reasons in ears:
• Liquid hit to the acoustical canal
• Damage of acoustical pass at its "cleaning" by matches, toothpicks and other improper subjects
• During the summer period intensive noise can be caused by hit in external acoustical pass of an insect which, touching by eardrum pads, causes the extremely unpleasant feelings
• Reception of some drugs (in particular, aspirin and other nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations)
• Ageing (пресбиакузис)
• Aneurism or acoustic неврома (good-quality tumour of an acoustical nerve)
• Defeat of an internal ear (cochlear neuritis):
1. Consequences transferred ORVI/ORZ
2. Reception of ototoksichesky antibiotics (аминогликозидов)
3. Atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain, hypertensive illness
4. Sharp loud sounds (shots, shout)
5. Tumours of an acoustical nerve
• Defeat of a middle ear:
1. Ekssudativny otitis
2. Injury of an eardrum (trauma, impact of noise of the plane, small arms, loud music)
3. Otoskleroz (growth of a bone fabric in ear elements)
• Defeat of an external ear:
1. A sulfuric stopper (a congestion of ear sulphur in external acoustical pass)
2. Foreign matters
Besides, similar symptoms are a frequent consequence of a heavy psychoemotional stress.
To the doctor it is necessary to address, if:
• Noise is accompanied by decrease (or loss) hearing.
• Noise is combined with dizziness, nausea, vomiting, violation of coordination of movements, shaky gait.
• Noise is accompanied by a strong headache, pains in heart.
• Noise becomes regular without the visible reasons.
In everything the brain is guilty! As it has appeared, high-frequency phantom noise in ears is a product of activity of a brain. Researchers from University royal college in London have found out that neurons of the acoustic analyzer are raised at people with a ring in ears without any external irritant, and there is it on purpose to compensate defect of hearing. The most important that defect can be at all imperceptible for the person, but his brain does not doze, in good time marking any decrease in audibility. When he manages to reveal such problem, weakness of coming sound signals amplifies them at the expense of a produtsirovaniye of own "noise". For this reason, scientists, even conclude an insignificant ring in ears if you have started to hear it more or less regularly, it is a quite good reason for the address to the doctor.

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