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Bone illness Pedzheta, part I: Clinical pictureIn 1877 English surgeon and pathologist James Pedzhet. has published article about 5 patients with skeleton defeat, mainly a skull and long bones of the bottom extremities, being accompanied their thickening, a softening and deformation, having called this disease a deforming osteitis, assuming that in its basis the inflammation of a bone fabric lies. By 1882 he observed already 23 cases of an illness and has in detail described not only a clinical Continue reading

ManipulationIf ten years ago manipulation at us was considered as charlatanism at its finest, today many have rushed to it, as to panacea from all troubles. And extremes, as we know, do not lead up to good. Therefore it is extremely important to find "golden mean" in this question.

With what everything began

Manipulation (from Latin manus - "hand") - the system of manual receptions directed on elimination of painful manifestations, Continue reading

Undesirable cereal on a face or How to cure barley on an eye

On an eye at least time in life faces barley each person. More often it passes itself for some days, delivering considerable inconveniences of aesthetic character. Sometimes, in case of the wrong treatment, he demands surgical intervention. But if barley appears regularly, it is a disturbing signal: in an organism there is a source of a chronic infection with which it cannot independently consult (it there can be a tonsillitis, antritis, diseases Continue reading

172 thousand stones in one kidneySuch quantity of stones (if to be till the end of exact, them there were 172 thousand 155) the Indian doctor Ashish Patela (Ashish Patil) has removed in December, 2009 from a kidney of the patient. Its tremendous achievement not only has caused delight in doctors of the whole world, but also has allowed a vrachevatel to get to the Guinness Book of Records.

Medical care was required then to the 43-year-old man by name of Dkhanradzh Vadil (Dhanraj Continue reading

Erektilny dysfunction - the reasonsErektilny dysfunction (ED) - disorder of the sexual function which main manifestations are constant inability of men to reach increase in volume of a penis and also to support a penis erection for a while, sufficient for commission of sufficient duration of sexual intercourse in full. The term "impotence" applied earlier in the last decade in the international literature is not applied, as out-of-date, inexact and having unreasonably Continue reading

Unknown bloodAccording to the dictionary, blood is a liquid fabric of cardiovascular system of vertebrate animals and the person. As many know, it consists of plasma, erythrocytes, leukocytes and тромбоцитов. This red liquid transfers gases and other dissolved substances which necessary for a metabolism and are forming as a result of exchange processes. By the way, red colour of blood is defined by existence in erythrocytes of a pigment of haemoglobin (it Continue reading

Mans obesity: who is guilty?If at your man the tummy was considerably approximated, but thus it is not noticed in long lying on a sofa and beer absorption with chips in a large number, it is time to sound alarm! Probably, his excess weight is not connected not so with improper feeding. And the real responsible for a bad figure call very intricately - testosterone...

Most important hormone

Testosterone is the main man's sexual hormone. It is possible to tell, what exactly Continue reading

«Guess, in what ear at me rings?»Our ear catches sounds, instead of creates them, but sometimes it is possible to hear noise indoors where there is an absolute silence. Such "hindrances" remind a crash of badly adjusted radio receiver, high-frequency peep or persuasive hum. All these manifestations in a life often call «a ring in ears». As scientific designation of a problem the term "tinnitus" serves. Tinnitus is a feeling of noise, a ring, hum, buzz in the Continue reading