Banana the gastroenterologyBanana among grown-up cultures takes the fourth place in the world, conceding only to rice, wheat and corn. It as well one of the most ancient cultivated plants. Islands of the Malay Archipelago where as scientific, ancient inhabitants believe grew up them are considered as the homeland of fruit and used in food as addition to a fish diet. As it has appeared, yellow fruits are unusually useful to our organism and are capable to help with treatment of various illnesses.

Ulcer. Banana contains substances which kill the bacteria causing stomach ulcer, and also promotes slime allocation, it enveloping. Properties of fruit are especially brightly shown by Antatsidnye if to consume it with milk. As a whole, антациды are the medicines intended for treatment of kislotozavisimy diseases of a gastroenteric path by means of neutralisation of hydrochloric acid, a part of gastric juice. It is possible to refer many known substances to this group - from simple soda to Almagel and Gastala's preparations. However some of them have unpleasant side effects while banana is in this regard absolutely harmless.

Diarrhoeia. Banana unique from vegetables and fruit which it is possible to eat at a diarrhoeia. In such unpleasant situation people lose potassium that can lead to dehydration, a gipokaliyemiya, arrhythmias and even violations of a rhythm of heart. At the same time, the yellow fruit just contains potassium in large volumes, a fruit structure soft, it makes good the loss electrolits and does not irritate intestines. Besides, banana contains pectin which absorbs moisture.

Other useful properties:

  • The potassium containing in banana, normalises a blood pressure, improves warm activity, reduce risk of serdechnososudisty diseases. Besides, it promotes improvement of a condition of bones, helps to keep balance of liquid in an organism and even improves attention. Banana stimulates work of kidneys.
  • Potassium in a tandem with magnesium protects from atherosclerosis, reduces risk of a stroke.
  • Banana contains group B vitamins (especially В6, В12), vitamins C, And, PP and iron.
  • The pectin which is a part of banana, normalises digestion, softly influences intestines at locks.
  • Banana is fine пребиотик (stimulates growth and activity of useful microflora of a gastroenteric path).
  • Banana contains carotinoids, the natural organic pigments giving to it yellow colour. These substances facilitate the course of chronic diseases, and also protect an organism from oncological diseases and diabetes.
  • Fruit contains the phosphorus stimulating work of a brain.
  • Containing in bananas триптофан in an organism turns into a happiness hormone, серотонин.

Precautionary measures. It is impossible to forget that banana is more nutritious than a potato, it is very high-calorie fruit (65,5-156,3 kcal. depending on a grade and maturity degree) which should be used with care if you watch a figure. Dried bananas are even more dangerous in this regard as contain about 200-300 kcal. It is not recommended to be fond of bananas at liver diseases, obesity and diabetes. Sometimes doctors recommend in these cases there is boiled fruit in small amounts. It is impossible to forget that banana can cause an allergy in those who has the corresponding reaction to latex.

Distribution of bananas on utility degree for a gastroenteric path:

  1. Green (immature)
  2. Yellow (ripe)
  3. Overripe (with brown specks)

On a note. There is an opinion that milkshake with banana and honey helps an organism to overcome a hangover, and the inside of its peel removes a swelling from stings of insects. When Milena Boniolo, the chemist from Federal University of San Carlos (Universidad Federal de Sao Carlos) has become interested in a banana peel, could make surprising discovery: it appears, the skin can be applied as the filter to water. During Boniolo's carried-out experiments has established that the peel of banana dried up and ground in a powder possesses ability to clear water from heavy metals. After week stay on the sun of a molecule of «a fruit wrapper» from which the powder subsequently is made, get a negative charge, naturally drawing to itself positively charged particles of metals. According to the chemist, 5 ml. a banana powder are capable on 65 % to clear 100 ml. the liquid containing molecules of uranium, cadmium and nickel. At repeated cleaning the result is reached 100 %. It is amusing to notice that the host of the telecast «healthy to Live» Elena Malysheva, recommends to clear inside of a banana peel leaves of houseplants, and external - to rub spoons and boots.

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